WUPILP Fellowship Program


WUPILP aims to provide financial assistance to students who attend off-campus public interest
oriented educational programs (1) in order to facilitate WUPILP's mission to educate law students on the inequities in the legal system and encourage future lawyers to dedicate their professional lives to the development of a more just society; (2) because many law students face the economic realities of limited financial means; and (3) because the Willamette College of Law has a limited public interest based curriculum.


The educational program must provide a curriculum that is related to public interest law. Examples include the following non-exhaustive list: domestic violence, immigration, human rights, civil rights, farmworkers rights, disability law, juvenile rights, health law, breast cancer, public defense, public service, etc. The activity may be a CLE, seminar, or other activity that is educational in nature. An educational program that substantially adds to or differs from the curriculum at the Willamette College of Law will be given priority over redundant or identical curriculum. Therefore, it is critical that you clearly articulate how the program is either different from, more in depth than, or qualitatively more valuable than the curriculum that is provided at the Willamette College of Law.

Travel, food, tuition, and other related expenses may be reimbursed completely or partially. Despite requesting partial or complete reimbursement, WUPILP has ultimate discretion in choosing which, if any, costs to reimburse. WUPILP will only reimburse the student for costs actually incurred within the boundaries of the fellowship grant regardless of the total fellowship amount that was originally approved. Receipts are required prior to reimbursement. The student is responsible for all up front costs, as no funds will be disbursed prior to the educational program.

It is to your benefit to apply for the fellowship before attending an activity although retroactive fellowships for prior activities may be granted if the activity has occurred within the last six months.

By accepting the fellowship, you agree that you will write a short testimonial and that WUPILP may use your picture and testimonial for purposes related to WUPILP fundraising.