Our Goals

The Willamette University MBA Angel Fund has three primary goals

1. Learn in an Experiential Environment

We are committed to experiential learning, and believe in the concept of learning by doing - with a healthy amount of reflection during the process - as an incredibly effective way to master the subjects of our MBA program. Having our students actively launch companies, work on real investments with active angel investors and fund other real companies is about as "neck deep" as it gets.

2. Support Entrepreneurship in the Northwest

We live and operate in the Northwest and love to help grow companies and opportunities in our own backyard. Through our efforts we hope to add young talent, funds, strategic insight in the development of new organizations.

3. Create Real Value and Real Results

We believe that we do things well and can create real value and real returns as a result. In short, we put our money and time where our mouth is, and we hope to see financial returns in addition to academic and career rewards for our students.

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