Our Methods

How do we invest? What are we looking for?

As angel investors, our students work in collaboration with every other angel group in Oregon (with a goal of expanding our presence throughout the Northwest). These organizations act as our primary vehicle for discovering investment opportunities. Rather than creating our own unique "deal flow" or meet with companies directly, we rely on angel funding groups to connect us with opportunities.

The profile of typical investments follow our four key principles:

  • Early Yeses
  • Affordable Loss
  • Step-by-Step Milestones
  • Compelling Talent

If you are leading opportunities - or know of ones - that have some traction with key customers, suppliers, channel partners, that think carefully about their use of capital, and have paths of progress that lead to significant milestones, we're interested. If outstanding talent is connected to opportunities, we'll invest. We typically aim for $50,000 equity investments as part of a larger round of angel investors. We also use other types of analysis instruments, including creative debt practices.

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