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The Willamette University Angel Fund is an experiential learning program that brings MBA students into the deal flows of Angel Groups. Backed by a designated angel fund and guided by an Advisory Board of experts, our students analyze and invest in local start-ups.

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    Manzama™ was designed to help attorneys and practice groups search for information about their practice through electronic sources.

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    Zapproved delivers online tools that manage accountability in business communications.

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    Good Clean Love manufactures high quality all natural/organic intimacy products which provide sustainable sexual solutions for healthy relationships.

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    OpenSesame connects learners and content providers directly in a marketplace where e-learning courses are easy to publish and connect to any LMS.

Professor Robert Wilbank's New Book - 'Effectual Entrepreneurship'

Whether you come to this book as an entrepreneurship student, a corporate manager or a seasoned creator of new ventures, you already know that entrepreneurship is becoming the de facto engine of growth, innovation and that most delicious of personal freedoms - financial self-reliance. What you will discover is that there is a science to entrepreneurship - a common logic we have observed in expert entrepreneurs across industries, geographies and time. This book is designed to help you explore new economic opportunities from start to finish. And, in form and content, the book embodies the expert entrepreneurs' logic - bold, systematic, pragmatic, and at all times full of energy, mischief and fun.
-Review from Tesco Books

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