Career Management

On Campus Recruiting

Our Career Management staff will work with you to arrange interviews, provide information sessions, give access to resumé books or provide personal referrals. Job or internship postings can be submitted via our online job board, MBAFocus. 

Career Fairs & Career Close-Up Events

Participate in our Personalized Career Fairs and other Career Close-Up Events, in the fall or spring terms. These events give students an opportunity to meet you in small group formats or one-on-one.  In addition, Willamette works with a number of industry-specific and demographic-specific career fairs in the region and around the country such as NSHMBA and NWMBA.

Company Treks

Let students experience your organization first hand. Site visits and company treks are an excellent way to introduce MBA students to your culture, your people and your facilities. Most treks include 10-25 students and are two hours in length.

Internships and Projects

Many employers use internships and projects as a recruiting tool. We encourage you to consider using one or more students to help your organization. Sample projects can be found on MBA Focus.

Functional Career Panels

The Willamette MBA Career Management team and student-run professional organizations host panels where you can share career advice and connect with students interested in working in a particular field. Panels can take place on campus or on site at your organization.

Mock Interviews & Resumé Reviews

During the fall semester Career Management course, students are required to go through a mock recruiting process which includes submitting a resumé and cover letter for a sample job, phone screening and full mock interview. We welcome alumni, professionals and recruiters to volunteer and take part as Interviewers.

Guest Speakers and Executive-in-Residence

Share information about your organization or career field with a targeted group of MBA students. You have the opportunity to present company-specific information and connect with students that have specific questions about careers in your organization or field. Power Lunches and Executive-in-Residence programs invite top-level managers and executives to campus to provide an in-depth presentation on their experience, career progression and organizations. This may include a visit to one or more Willamette MBA classes.

For more information contact the Willamette MBA Career Management Staff.