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February 2005


Dean Jim Goodrich As you read this, Dean Jim Goodrich will be in Orlando where he is giving a presentation on “Multitasking in the Small School Environment” at the AACSB National Dean’s Conference. He is also preparing for his presentation of the AGSM “Five Year Plan for Excellence” at the Board of Trustees retreat at Salishan. This will be followed by the AACSB site visit Feb. 20-22, which will determine the re-accreditation of the Atkinson MBA program. He will have a full report on all these developments in our next issue.

In the meantime, Associate Dean and Professor of Marketing DEBRA RINGOLD went to Reno, Nevada in the beginning of January to meet with newly appointed faculty member, Manohar Singh. During the visit, Manohar expressed his enthusiasm about joining the faculty at Atkinson.

Dr. Manohar Singh Announcing Atkinson’s recently appointed Professor of Finance:
Dr. Manohar Singh

Biographical Information:
Ph.D. (Finance), Southern Illinois University- Carbondale (May 1999)
M. A. (Economics), University of Waterloo-Canada (January 1991)
M.A. (Honors)-Economics, Punjab University- India (August 1987)

Professor Manohar Singh received his doctoral degree in Finance from the Southern Illinois University- Carbondale in 1999. Dr. Singh’s administrative and academic experience includes working for the Government of India, serving on the faculties of Long Island University, the University of New Hampshire, and the University of New South Wales- Sydney, Australia. Currently, Dr. Singh is an assistant professor of Finance at the University of Nevada, Reno. His teaching interests include courses in Bank Management, Advanced Corporate Finance, and International Finance. His current research interests include Corporate Finance, Corporate Governance and Strategy, and International Finance. Dr. Singh has several publications and professional presentations to his credit. He is recipient of several competitive research grants and is a reviewer for several finance journals. Dr. Singh enjoys playing golf and spending time with his family.


Sophia Camille Assistant Dean, Dan Mahoney and his wife, Angela Mahoney, both Atkinson alums, are proud new parents! As announced in the previous issue, Sophia Camille was born at 2:30 AM on Friday, January 7th, 2005. Dan writes,” Angela and Sophia are healthy and enjoying spending time together. Angela is a natural!” Both Angela and Dan extend their deepest appreciation and thanks for all of the kind prayers, emails, great tasting meals, and energy. “The Atkinson Community was wonderful!”


Grayson James JAMES (JD’99) AND MICHELLE (CLA’93, MBA’99) MALDONADO welcomed a new baby boy into their family on November 21st, 2004. Grayson James was born 8 lbs. 1 ounce and 21 inches long.



23-yr. old son of GARY DUELL (CLA’74, MBA’77), Jonathan Duell, announced his engagement to Andrea Galluzzo of Beaverton. Jon is a software engineer & partner with WitMatix Inc., which does e-business advertising and development. Andrea is pursuing her masters in arts education at OSU.

Atkinson Works to Confirm Safety of Alumni in Countries Hit By Tsunami
The Atkinson alumni office has been working since the tsunami hit to confirm the safety of our alumni in the affected countries. At the time of this printing all alumni we have reached in those areas are safe as are their families. We continue to contact those we do not have e-mail for by phone and mail.

There are no alumni on record who live directly in any of the affected communities, however we want to be sure that they and their families were not vacationing or traveling when the tsunami hit.

If you have any information about alumni living in any of the affected areas, please e-mail Denise Crawford, Director of Development & Alumni Relations at dcrawfor@willamette.edu.

Letters from Alumni located near Tsunami-Affected Areas

VORALAK KOSAKUL (MBA’93), Atkinson Graduate from Thailand, wrote:

My family and I are fine and not affected physically from the event, but of course, we are very sad about what happened. In case this will help, I have talked to Somboon Rakmanusa and he’s fine as well. Somboon graduated from AGSM a few years after me. His family is also fine.”

I would like to share with you a story relating to the tsunami. As you are aware, I’m working in Development Cooperation Section of the Danish Embassy in Bangkok. The tsunami happened on Dec 26, and in the morning of the 27th I went to Phuket island with the Danish Embassy team trying to assist Danish tourists in the area. I also went to Khao-lak, a very popular tourist area, on the 29th, what I saw made me speechless. Level of destruction is tremendous. You must have seen from the news.

However, one good thing about this catastrophe is to see how people can be so very kind to others regardless of nationalities. Everyone tried their best to help. At the Emergency Centre at Phuket City Hall (as well as at hospitals in the area), there were so many volunteers, both Thais and foreigners who are living in Thailand, trying to help in one way or the other. At various sites, poor villagers shared food, water, and clothings with foreign tourists when they were waiting for help.

I really don’t know how to end this letter. I think it will be nice if Willamette community can help. What has happened in my country is not as bad as in other countries. At this point, I think the best choice for donation is through the Red Cross. For Thailand, the website is www.redcross.or.th.

HARSHINI SIRIWARDANE (Formerly taught at Atkinson) and HARESH SIRIWARDANE (MBA’04), were visiting Sri Lanka for the holidays when the Tsunami hit, but luckily escaped harms way and returned home to Chicago on January 2, 2005:

Colombo was not affected at all, and that is where most of our family and friends are. However, those southern beaches are so pretty anyone could have been there enjoying. In fact, if Haresh listened to me, I would not be writing to you now. When he booked Colombo Hilton for that weekend, I was very unhappy, and I was grumbling the whole time saying we should have gone to a beach hotel in the south.

The experiences of the Siriwardane family were reported in the Naperville Sun, a Chicago suburb newspaper. The article, entitled, “Blue-ribbon effort,” highlights the project that Sachith Siriwardane (son of Haresh and Harshini) started to raise funds for victims of the tsunami. Sachith collected donations from kids in his school. Each person who donated money received a blue ribbon. Sachith has raised over $3100 through this project so far. Read full story here: http://www.suburbanchicagonews.com/sunpub/naper/top/n0128kid.htm.

Schwabe, Williamson & Wyatt attorney, JEFFREY R. JONES (JD’01/MBA’01), along with two other attorneys, represented Powerex, a subsidiary of British Columbia Hydro, in a case against Alcan, Inc., the world’s second-largest aluminum producer, which resulted in a $110 million payment by Alcan to Powerex. Schwabe filed the original claim for $100M against Alcan in 2002 for failing to uphold a 1997 power delivery agreement. The agreement was with Alcan and Enron Power Marketing Inc., in which Enron would supply power to Powerex and Alcan would back Enron’s performance. Enron failed to provide the power and filed for bankruptcy. To read the full press release: http://www.schwabe.com/shownews.asp?Show=140.

Jeff has been an attorney with Schwabe, Williamson & Wyatt since 2001 and focuses his practice in the areas of business/corporate law and the formation and development of technology related trade associations. He also has trial and appellate experience in complex litigation related to business and property rights.

SHANNON DONIVAN-JOHNS (JD’00/MBA’00), Paralegal Program Director for Pioneer Pacific College was appointed to the Ethics Board of the National Federation of Paralegal Associations, the largest and oldest national paralegal association (www.paralegals.org).

ERIC FORREST (MBA’94), won an appointment to a vacancy on the Eugene School Board recently, competing against 13 other applicants for the post. Eric, who has three children at Gilham Elementary School, was a co-chairman in last fall’s Yes for Schools campaign. He helped to garner a 72 percent majority vote to renew the district’s local option levy for another five years. Eric has served extensively in the community, serving five years on the city budget committee and also as a board member and coach for Kidsports.

To see the full story reported in the Register-Guard on January 20, 2005: http://www.registerguard.com/news/2005/01/20/b3.cr.schoolboard.0120.html.

TUAN LI (MBA’03), recently passed the prelims for a Ph.D. program in Economics at Penn State.

RICH MUSSLER (MBA’89), has accepted the position of Vice President, Account Management Services with HealthCare Dimensions, an Arizona company that improves health via unique physical activity programs and venues. In this capacity he will oversee the activities of the entire field account staff. HealthCare Dimensions is dedicated to improving the health and well-being of everyone they touch, through their contracted health plans in 39 states.

Rich is also touring Texas communities where his recently published book of fiction, “Twisted Texan and other stories” (PublishAmeica, 2004) is being heavily promoted (see www.twistedtexan.com for details).

Rich recently purchased a condo in Tempe, Arizona and is flying back and forth to his home and family in Dallas, Texas.

JYLL SMITH (MBA’00) recently switched jobs and is now working for the Oregon State Marine Board as the Public Information Officer. “It is an exciting change; I’m learning lots about recreational boating in the State of Oregon,” writes Jyll.

KRIS NELSON (MBA’97) published “How Small Firms Innovate Sustainably” in the Nov./Dec. issue of In Business (www.inbusiness.org), including “Building Sales by Networking with nonprofits.” As principal of Geonomics Consulting, Kris is analyzing the infill development effects of cutting taxes on buildings in half and raising the rate on land for the Metro regional government. Results in Feb. ’05 at www.metro-region.org. Kris writes, “and pickin’ an antique mandolin now and then.”

JULIA INGRAM (MBA’96) was recently hired as a Staff Accountant by Lee Publishing, Inc., which owns 45 newspapers throughout the U.S. Julia works out of the Albany, Oregon office.

Atkinson Alum Playing Integral Role in ESCO’s Overseas Operations
PERCY CHANG (MBA ’95) is highlighted heavily throughout the December 2004 issue of The Edge: Solutions from ESCO. In the magazine, Percy is recognized as a key contributor on the team responsible for launching a joint venture between ESCO and a company in Taiyuan, China. The joint venture, called Shanxi Changfeng Wearparts Co., Ltd. (SCW), is headed up by Mark Mallory who has this to say about Percy and his skills: “Percy came to work for ESCO’s International Division in Portland in 1996 right out of the Master’s program...at Atkinson. He started in Inside Sales and then quickly worked his way to operations manager before he went to work for SCW in 1998 as DGM Sales and Marketing. Percy knows how to run a business and he works hard. Plus, he has great people skills. He grew up in Taiwan and has lived and worked in the U.S. for many years so he understands both the American and Chinese cultures; He has been very effective in connecting ESCO and SCW. Perc was GM of SCW from 2001 to early 2004 and he recently [accepted a seat] on the SCW board.” Percy is a great example of the impact Atkinson alumni are making in global business and emerging markets – both domestically and internationally.


As part of a plan to keep ATKINSONews fresh and innovative, we are introducing a new Career Services section, where each month we will highlight one or two alumni and his or her post-Atkinson career stories. We are looking for alumni who would like to share their stories of how they got from graduation to where they are now. Please email ATKINSONews Editor at aakimoff@willamette.edu for more information or to submit your story.

February Featured Alumnus: TED CRAWFORD (JD’03/MBA’03)
Prior to enrolling in the Joint Degree Program, Ted Crawford was an Environmental Quality Control Engineer at a chemical weapons destruction facility in Tooele, Utah. Ted also spent six years as a weekend warrior for the Utah Army National Guard serving as an Operations Officer for a Special Forces Group - aka “Green Berets.”

In addition to his six years as an Environmental Quality Control Engineer, Ted has also held jobs within the environmental waste disposal industry, garnering him the nickname “Toxic Ted.”

Below, Ted shares his experiences in public policy, developing a small town in Oregon into a thriving community. He also offers some career tips based on the most important things he learned along the way.

* * * *

As a student at Atkinson I can clearly remember telling Professor Steve Maser, “public policy is boring, I can’t see myself ever being involved in public policy making.” Professor Maser was taken aback a little and commented that he hoped that I would see things differently in the future. Well it’s only a couple years later and I have to admit, I was wrong. Today I am actively involved in the future development of the City of Dundee Oregon as an appointed member of both the Planning Commission and the city’s Budget Committee.

The Newberg-Dundee Bypass, as it is officially known, is the catalyst for my recent foray into public policy making. The bypass was initiated almost eight years ago and until recently was moving forward at a snail’s pace. However, in the last year the bypass has really gained momentum and could be completed as soon as the next 5 years. At an estimated cost of $300 million, the bypass will be a huge project for the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT). Since the bypass will significantly impact the amount of traffic flowing through Dundee, ODOT has provided financial and technical assistance to Dundee to prepare for that impact. As part of that preparation, ODOT has funded the creation of a downtown refinement plan and will help fund the implementation of the plan once the bypass nears completion.

My involvement started as a participant in the creation of the downtown refinement plan. It was exiting to be involved with other citizens of Dundee in planning for the future development of the town. As the completion of the refinement plan neared, I looked to the next step I could take to remain involved in future development of Dundee. Since Dundee required extensive revisions to its zoning laws to implement the plan, the most logical choice was to join the Planning Commission. I also decided to put my MBA to work and applied to become a member of the city’s Budget Committee. Consequently, I officially became a member of the Planning Commission in January of this year and this spring I will help to hash out a budget for Dundee that hopefully will pave the way for future development. It’s an exciting time to be involved in the development of Dundee and it’s nice to be wrong about something...once in a while.

A few things Ted learned along his career path...

Always have a long range 3-5 year career plan and establish check points along the way to be sure you are satisfied with the direction you are going. That is why I went to back to school to get a law degree and an MBA. Although I was content with my job at the time, looking out 3-5 years I didn’t see anything exciting on the horizon. So I decided to change the horizon and go back to school. It’s a choice that I absolutely do not regret.

Another thing is to have a thick skin and readily accept and expect constructive feedback from people that observe your work product.

Finally, always try to strike a good work/life balance. It you work too hard, burn-out will sneak up on you and force a re-balance upon you.

* * * *

Executive Development Center
Mini-MBA Program: Developing New Business Ideas The Mini-MBA sponsored by Cascade Employers Association concludes with two modules in February (Managing Strategy) and March (Managing Finances). For more information or to participate, go to www.cascadeemployers.com and follow the training link.

In the Winter, 2005 issues of MOVE, a publication from the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators, readers found TOM MCCLELLAN (MBA’84) quoted in an article entitled “Training: Optimmize Your Employees and Your Agency.” Describing an EDC program now in its second cycle at Oregon’s Department of Motor Vehicles, Tom said: “This isn’t your typical DMV training program, but we found it extremely valuable for our managers and analysts in the central office....I suspect that most motor vehicle agencies have people behind the scenes who do this type of analysis and need to write succinct and cogent white papers for decision-makers. It was a graduate-level course that challenged our staff, especially those without a college degree.” The author of the article, Lauren DeAngelis, quoted one participant’s evaluation: “I enjoyed [PROFESSOR RINGOLD’S] style and way of leading discussion. Doing the papers, then walking through the process and then reading the professor’s analysis gave me an understanding of how to do better myself."

The EDC will deliver a program leading to a Certificate in Transit and Paratransit Management, May 16-20 and June 6-10. Drawing on industry experts as instructors, the EDC brings to the Northwest a program offered successfully last fall in Texas for managers in transit systems large and small. The first week of the program will be housed at the Region 1 Office of Oregon’s Department of Transportation and the second will be held in Portland.

MIKE STAFFORD has agreed to manage the Certificate in Public Management, beginning with Cohort VI. Mike, who holds an MPA, has extensive and varied management teaching experience. He has served as leadership training coordinator for the Department of Public Safety Standards and Training, State of Oregon, and, prior to that, as Faculty Coordinator for the International 4-Month Diploma Program at the University of California, Berkeley, Extension. Mike will have responsibility for recruiting the sixth cohort, attracting more candidates from local government, as well as working with other agencies, students, and faculty to sustain the quality of the program.

Ethics in Business Project
As part of their required course, Managing Exchange, Professors STEVE MASER and JENNIFER RONEY will supervise teams of students conducting research on organizations and businesses who have been nominated for their exemplary ethical business practices. The Samaritan Counseling Centers of Portland and the Business Journal are co-sponsors of the project with the Atkinson School. Business nominees for 2005 are: Aero Air, LLC, Hillsboro; Albina Community Bank, Porland; Conkling Fiskum & McCormick, Inc., Porltand; Express Personnel Services/Stoller Group, Tualatin; Intel Oregon, Hillsboro; New Seasons Market, Portland; Norm Thompson Outfitters, Inc., Hillsboro; Progressive Investment Management, Portland; and Rose City Marble, Granite & Tile, Inc., North Plains. The not-for-profit nominees are: Center for Medically Fragile Children, Portland; DePaul Industries, Portland; Friendly House, Portland; Housing Northwest, Inc., Portland; Northwest Earth Institute, Portland; Northwest Medical Teams, Tigard; and Self Enhancement, Inc., Portland. The individuals nominated for recognition are: C. Scott Gibson, Jeffrey Grubb, and David Underriner, all of Portland. The project gives the students a unique opportunity to learn about ethics by interviewing executives, employees, vendors, customers, partners, and others, assessing the nominees against standards of performance in ethics, corporate social responsibility, and environmental stewardship. Last year’s recognition banquet attracted almost 400 of Oregon’s business, government and not-for-profit leaders. This year’s banquet will be on June 15, 2005, at the Governor Hotel (/www.sccpdx.org/ethicsinbusiness/).

“The wisest mind has something yet to learn.” ~George Santayana

Take a look at the courses Atkinson is offering next summer: http://www.willamette.edu/agsm/academics/mba/schedule_summer_05.htm. Summer semester begins June 1 and ends on July 15.


The 2005 Dempsey Environmental Lecture and Conference is coming up February 10-11. Registration for the conference is filling up, so if you plan on attending, please register soon!

Complete information about the events can be found at: http://www.willamette.edu/publicpolicy/environment05

On Thursday, February 10th: the Dempsey Environmental Lecture – Terry Tempest Williams, environmentalist and author, 8 p.m., Hudson Hall in the Mary Stuart Rogers Music Center. Free and open to the public.

On Friday, February 11th: the Dempsey Environmental Conference – “Is Nature Calling? New Perspectives on Living with and Working for Nature", 9:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m., Cat Cavern, 2nd Floor, Putnam University Center.

Free and open to the public, but registration is required. For a full conference schedule and to register, please call Fran Nelson at 503-370-6060 or go to http://www.willamette.edu/publicpolicy/environment05.

Save the Date for Brownwater 2005: April 28-30.
Thursday: Retirement Party for Choate
Friday: Alumni Golf Tournament and Cocktail Reception, Student Casino Night
Saturday: Choate 10K Run, Regatta and BBQ
Look for additional information coming soon.


FRED THOMPSON Professor FRED THOMPSON will participate in the Interdisciplinary Institute of Management’s Workshop on Theory and Methods for Studying Organizational Processes at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE, UK), February 17-18. Fred’s presentation is entitled Economic Theory, Garbage Cans, and Real Organizations: Economic Research and Organizational Decision-making.


ELLIOT MALTZ Congratulations to Professor ELLIOT MALTZ for receiving the United Methodist Award for Exemplary Teaching and Service, awarded to him by the dean, JIM GOODRICH and Willamette University President LEE PELTON at a ceremony celebrating faculty achievements. Regarding the faculty award winners, President Pelton remarked, “The recognition that they have received for individual merit reflects the faculty’s broader commitment to their disciplines, to students, to classroom instruction as well as to the Willamette community.”


LISBETH CLAUS The article entitled “HR professionalism: Perceptions of U.S. HR practitioners,” co-authored by Professor LISBETH CLAUS and Jessica Collison was published in the refereed journal, Problems and Perspectives in Management, No 4, 2004, pp. 111-124.



Current Atkinson student, MATT BENJAMIN was ranked 13th out of 1000 interns nationwide and #1 in Oregon in Northwestern Mutual Financial Network’s Annual intern production competition. Interns are awarded based on the number of policies sold and then the top 75 in the nation get flown back to Milwaukee to the head office for an awards banquet. Matt plans to stay on with Northwestern Mutual Financial Network after graduation.

Atkinson Students Come Together to Help Tsunami Victims
While the Tsunami occurred weeks ago now, many are still suffering. This is Atkinson’s chance to come together to help those in need. The Atkinson Tsunami Relief Fund is available for your monetary donations. You may leave donations at the Atkinson School, Room 110 at the Reception Desk up until Friday, February 4 at which time all donations will be transferred to CARE and allocated to the Tsunami Relief. We appreciate your generosity!


This section is dedicated to sharing the recommended reading lists of Atkinson faculty members. In each issue, faculty members recommend one or two books that they believe you will benefit from and enjoy reading.

This month’s book recommendation provided to you by Professor FRED THOMPSON:

The New Financial Order My top three books of 2004 are “The Wisdom of Crowds,” by James Surowiecki, “The Modern Firm,” by John Roberts, and “The New Financial Order,” by Robert J. Shiller. All three books are as entertaining as they are profound. Surowiecki explores collective intelligence, the notion that large numbers of ordinary people are often a lot better at predicting the future, solving problems, fostering innovation, or even coming to wise decisions than are experts. Roberts lays out the framework for analyzing relations between organizational design, operating strategy and organizational environment, he and his co-author, Paul Milgrom, presented in their textbook, “Economics. Organization & Management,” but this time he does it in lucid and jargon-free language rather than in equations and figures. Shiller does much the same thing for modern information technology, advanced financial theory, and risk management.




WU/OPB Forum, Portland


Chinese New Year


Dempsey Environmental Lecture and Conference


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Valentine’s Day


Career Event: Mock Interviews


President’s Day



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St. Patrick’s Day


Spring Break: No Classes, Offices Open




Professor Lisbeth Claus’ Birthday



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Atkinson Advisory Board Meetings


Brownwater Events

View the current events calendar at: http://www.willamette.edu/~schiapel/master_calendar/ and other information for alumni at: http://www.willamettealumni.com/.

The only test of leadership is that somebody follows.

- Robert K. Greenleaf

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