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January 2005


Welcoming the New Year

As we move into 2005, it seems that a lot of things are happening all at once for the Atkinson Graduate School of Management. We are completing the cycle of re-accreditation from the AACSB, with a visit from our Team of deans from other schools taking place February 20-22. Just prior to that date, we will present our five year plan to the Willamette University Board of Trustees at their February retreat at Salishan on the Oregon Coast. We are also making great strides towards assessment of student learning within our revised MBA core curriculum.

Externally we are moving further towards getting our story told. We have completed a Dean’s report, which was sent to all AACSB member schools as well as to our own alumni. We are sending out copies of our DVD all around the country and indeed, worldwide to overseas study centers in many other countries. We will soon begin a series of media ads which will run in addition to our OPB spots. We are sponsoring speakers and events in Portland during the spring, and will report more on these in future issues of this newsletter.

All of these things are coming together in a good way, but it is important to realize that for us here at Atkinson, the strategic planning process continues. In fact it’s closer to a “new beginning” than to an end. We look forward to the opportunities that the re-accreditation offers to us, in comparing and benchmarking ourselves to several peer and “aspirant” schools (programs that reflect our own AGSM aspirations). We are proud to show how we meet the new standards put forth by the AACSB International – the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business – and to showcase several areas of innovation in our own programs.

We also have an opportunity in working with Willamette’s Board of Trustees – to show them our plans for the future. At the request of the Board and President Lee Pelton, we have developed a business plan for the next several years – which outlines our opportunities to build up our programs and finance our expansion. We will discuss these plans in more detail soon with our alumni group, but the key point is that for us here at Atkinson, we are looking ahead. It is easy to become so enmeshed with meeting accreditation standards, and to focus internally on strengthening our programs and faculty to meet these, that we lose sight of our next steps. In fact, our attention is increasingly outward, as we work to live up to our strategic vision of being “the pre-eminent private graduate management program in the Northwest.”

As we go off on our staff retreat this January, we are making even more resolutions for this New Year. We will build on the report of our visiting Assessment guru Doug Eder as we continue to build our MBA curriculum. We are reorganizing our recruitment efforts, and will launch some new programs through our EDC. Above all, we will seek to maintain the quality and the innovative spirit of Atkinson, as we adopt new goals, strategies and tactics to be accomplished over this and the next few years.

Happy 2005,

- Jim Goodrich


COLIN RAY (JD/MBA’00), his wife Emiko and their new baby girl, Marina Claire Ray COLIN RAY (JD/MBA’00) and his wife Emiko are happy to announce the birth of their new baby girl, Marina Claire Ray, born 6.08 lbs., 18.11 in. Marina was born December 2nd, 2004 in Tokyo, Japan, where Colin is currently working as a foreign legal advisor for Atsumi & Partners.



Our very own Assistant Dean, DAN MAHONEY (MBA’00) and his wife, ANGELA MAHONEY (MBA’00), both Atkinson alums, welcomed a baby girl into their family at 2:30 AM on Friday, January 7th, 2005. Sophia Camille Mahoney was born 6 lbs. 9 oz. Congratulations Dan and Angela!

MARIE (BEA) TIJERINA (MBA’04) has announced her engagement to her boyfriend of four years, David McArthur. He proposed and she accepted on October 18, 2004. No date is set as of yet but the nuptials will more than likely take place in Texas. “He presented me with a beautiful oval Tanzanite stone he brought back from a trip to East Africa,” writes Bea. “We are currently having my engagement ring made with a local jeweler.”

Atkinson Alum Receives Award from American Red Cross
JOHN A. LINDQUIST II (MBA’99) received an Honor Award from the American Red Cross. The award is a Special Citation for Exceptional Volunteer Service. John serves on the Board of Directors for the Northern Utah Chapter of the American Red Cross in Ogden, Utah.

Former Atkinson Student Awarded Grant to Pursue School
REESE LORD (MBA’04) was recently awarded a $350,000 grant from the Oregon Department of Education to help defray start-up costs for a planned charter high school in the Portland area. Before pursuing his Atkinson MBA, Reese taught middle-school and high-school social studies for five years. The proposed school targets underachieving high school students with a focus on leadership and entrepreneurship. The school will collaborate with PSU’s University Studies program to offer college credit and with Americorps to provide volunteer opportunities for the students.

Reese has teamed with two Stanford School of Education graduates to form KOREducators, a not-for-profit organization. The goal is to engage students through a small school structure; project-based, interdisciplinary classes; and real word experiences in the form of internships, mentoring, and service learning. “We believe our school design fills a vital need in the community and our management team has the breadth of experience to make it happen,” Reese commented. “We’re very grateful for this opportunity to open up new educational options for underserved youth.”

KOREducators plans to use the initial grant monies for continued planning costs, including piloting a course at POIC alternative high school in Portland this spring and developing a summer entrepreneurship camp for at-risk students this summer. Even with the grant monies, challenges remain. The team will continue to work with the Portland Public Schools Board to win approval for the charter school. In addition, KOREducators is currently looking for a facility in east Portland that will be able to expand as the school eventually grows to 400 students.

In addition to Reese, KOREducators includes Adam Reid and Nick Knudsen. Adam helped launch Ethos, Inc., a nonprofit, multicultural music center in North Portland before earning his masters degree in education reform, policy, and management. Nick focused his graduate studies on curriculum development and educational philosophy and currently directs the internship program at Open Meadows alternative school in North Portland. The incentive grant is part of the federal charter school program included in the No Child Left Behind Act. It is intended to assist charter schools in meeting planning needs for up to 18 months preceding operation and implementation needs during the initial 24 months of operation.

BRIAN ZOELLER (MBA’01) recently left Portland General Electric after three and a half years as a Marketing Analyst. He accepted a position to return to the US Peace Corps as an Associate Director for the Small Enterprise Development program in Mauritania, West Africa. In early January, he will leave for 1 month of training and then on to post for a 2-1/2 year contract. Brian will oversee and assist approximately 20 business volunteers placed throughout the country with their projects, training, and cultural adaptations. Brian writes, “There are two broad aspects of the experience I am looking forward to: 1) Being able to get out from behind a desk, really see how a country and its peoples function, and to assist where I can. 2) Understand more about the Muslim perspective of the world. My experiences with Islam in Niger (Volunteer in Niger, ’92-’95) were always positive. Mauritania, an Islamic Republic with nearly 100% of its population Muslim, will be different in that it has ethnicities from North and Sub-Saharan Africa, all speaking unique languages. From all indications, Mauritania is a safe place with warm people and many problems to solve. I am looking forward to the whole adventure.”

ANN JACKSON (MBA’84), Executive Director and CEO of Oregon Hospice Association, is co-investigator of a study published in November’s issue of Palliative Medicine regarding “Attitudes and experiences of Oregon hospice nurses and social workers regarding assisted suicide.”

After Atkinson, PATRICK GAKURU (MBA’01) went on to Arizona State and completed his PhD in May 2004. He is now teaching management at the University of Nairobi, Kenya and doing management consultancy in public administration and policy.

JUAN AGUIAR (MBA’02/JD’02) continues to keep busy managing an outsourcing company (Petro Personnel), working as an attorney/translator in his own company (Aguiar Law Group), and teaching Negotiation and Dispute Resolution in his undergraduate university. Juan writes, “I’m almost fully using everything I learned at Willamette: Management, Law, and Dispute Resolution!” Juan has also been sending articles to be published in EKOS Economía y Negocios, a local business and economics magazine. In December an article Juan wrote regarding the Free Trade Agreement being negotiated by the United States with Ecuador and the Congress of the United States was published. “This January I hope they will publish an article I wrote on Visas for Investors in the United States.” Juan’s articles are available in Spanish only at http://www.aguiarlaw.com/new.htm. In addition to this, Juan is also creating a network of attorneys associated with the American Bar Association and who already belong to a Quito Common Law Bar Association, which gathers common-law attorneys living in Quito (mostly from Canada and the US).


Atkinson Promotional DVD Released
In October 2004, Atkinson released its first promotional DVD. The DVD will be used for recruiting and has been shared with Trustees and the Willamette University administration. The DVD, which runs about 12 minutes, includes clips of the school and appearances by alumni, students, faculty, staff and the dean. If you are interested in obtaining a copy of this DVD, please email aakimoff@willamette.edu with your request and mailing address. Feel free to request extra copies for your home or office library and/or to share with others who might be interested in our MBA program.

Career Services Update
Beth Ursin, Director of Career Services Career Services kicks off the semester with some well prepared students applying for jobs and internships. Last semester, first year students compiled essential information to create a career file and a plan of action which outlines how they plan to get from where they are now in their career search to landing an internship and eventually the job they want. Graduating students are actively following the same formula but are already in active application and interview mode.

We have identified 250 key companies nationwide that we will be establishing and renewing professional ties with to open doors for the graduating classes of 2005 and 2006. Our students are looking for positions in the fields of finance, marketing, investment banking, international management, supply-chain analysis, human resources, law, government and non-profit management, operations, and consulting among many other career paths. If your organization has plans to hire MBA’s over the next calendar year you can help us by providing introductions and information, and consider coming back to Atkinson to provide an information session or to recruit on campus, or get involved in any of the upcoming activities listed below.

Upcoming Career Events

  • The prestigious Next Step Partners, Career Coaches and consultants will be providing a full-day workshop for students on January 28.
  • In February, students will participate in mock interviews off-campus. Participating interviewers will provide direct feedback to career services and the student to aid in their future interviews.
  • The immensely popular Dine like a Diplomat event will be held in March. Students will learn proper behavior and how to eat gracefully in a professional setting.
  • In April, free golf lessons will be available for students a week before the annual alumni golf tournament.
  • Later in the spring, we’ll be holding a networking event in Portland for the class of 2005 to network with alumni.

– Beth Ursin, Director of Career Services

Announcing a New Career Services Section in ATKINSONews
As part of a plan to keep ATKINSONews fresh and innovative, we are adding a new Career Services section, where each month we will highlight one or two alumni and his or her post-Atkinson career stories. We are looking for alumni who would like to share their stories of how they got from graduation to where they are now. Please email ATKINSONews Editor at aakimoff@willamette.edu for more information or to submit your story.

Executive Development Center
Mini-MBA Program: Developing New Business Ideas The Mini-MBA offered through the Cascade Employers Association continues with a three-week module on Negotiating delivered by former Dean BRYAN JOHNSTON that begins on January 7. For information about enrolling in this module, go to www.cascadeemployers.com/train.htm/

In late January, Professor DEBRA RINGOLD will be repeating her delivery of an EDC program on analyzing public policy and drafting policy memoranda, custom designed for the Department of Motor Vehicles at the Oregon Department of Transportation.

With the University’s Public Policy Research Center taking the lead, the EDC is helping to present a Leadership Institute for members of the Oregon Senate, January 11 and 12. Supported in part by a grant from the Ford Family Foundation to the Research Center, the program topics include effective public policy-making, ethics, decision-making styles and conflict resolution, constitutional issues, and decorum and order in committee hearings. Professors LAURA LEETE and STEVEN MASER designed the program with assistance from Atkinson and Law faculty members and a group of senators, as well as JUDY HALL, Secretary to the Senate. Session facilitators include Professors Maser and HANS LINDE from the College of Law, former Atkinson Dean BRYAN JOHNSTON, DAVID HARRISON from the University of Washington, TOM GALLAGHER of the Ford Family Foundation and a group of current and former elected officials.


WU/OPB Forum Featuring Economist Joe Cortright Set for February 3
Join us for an exciting Business Forum on Thursday, February 3 in Portland at the Multnomah Athletic Club (1849 SW Salmon). The Forum will feature economist and Vice President of Impresa, Inc., Joe Cortright, presenting ‘Thriving in the Knowledge Economy: Assessing Oregon’s Prospects for 2005 and Beyond.”

Cortright is quickly making a name for himself in the hot area of economic clusters and the value of a knowledge economy – college educated young people between the ages of 25-34 employed in a community. He specializes in studies looking at how the younger demographic and lifestyle differences in urban Oregon will lead to economic advantages in the future.

The Business Forum begins at 7:00 and includes breakfast. The event will end promptly at 8:30. The cost is $15 per person or $100 for a table of 8. If you are interested in attending, please contact Denise Crawford at 503-370-6727 or RSVP on-line at www.willamettealumni.com under ‘Events and Activities’. Hope to see you there!

2005 Dempsey Environmental Lecture and Conference
The Public Policy Research Center at Willamette University is hosting the Dempsey Environmental Lecture and Conference on campus on February 10th and 11th. This conference will explore connections between the professional lives and broader motivations, meanings, and implications of the life’s work of an array of exceptional individuals working for the environment. Is Nature Calling? will provide conference attendees an opportunity to learn what panelists do and, most importantly, why they do it. The mounting assaults upon the environment and the marginalization of human communities worldwide by the forces of globalization, the war on terrorism, and increased consumption, make it imperative for individuals who have dedicated their lives to advancing both social and environmental sustainability to communicate their reasons and their passions to the next generation of citizens.

Dempsey Environmental Conference
“Is Nature Calling? New Perspectives on Living with and Working for Nature”
Friday, February 11th, 2005, 9:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.
Cat Cavern, 2nd Floor, Putnam University Center
Willamette University
Free and open to the public, but registration is required. Register online: http://www.willamette.edu/publicpolicy/environment05/registration_index.htm.

Dempsey Environmental Lecture
Terry Tempest Williams, environmentalist and author
Thursday, February 10th, 2005, 8 p.m.
Hudson Hall in the Mary Stuart Rogers Music Center
Willamette University
Free and open to the public.

For more information, please contact publicpolicy@willamette.edu or 503.370.6060.

Save the Date for Brownwater 2005: April 28-30
Alumni Golf Tournament, Retirement Party for Choate, Regatta, BBQ and more! Look for additional information coming soon.


PATRICK CONNOR Professor of Organizational Analysis PATRICK CONNOR recently published, with Professor Boris Becker (emeritus, Oregon State University), “Self-selection or socialization of public- and private-sector managers? A cross-cultural values analysis.” Journal of Business Research, Vol. 58 (2005): 111-113.


LISBETH CLAUS Professor LISBETH CLAUS is leading a two-day seminar entitled, “High Performance HR” for HR directors and Vice Presidents in Central Europe. The sessions are held in Budapest, Hungary, and Warsaw, Poland, in early January 2005. StamfordGlobal, a management development firm headquartered in Budapest, is sponsoring the event.


FRED THOMPSONINTERNATIONAL PUBLIC MANAGEMENT JOURNAL After eight years, Professor FRED THOMPSON has stepped down as editor of the INTERNATIONAL PUBLIC MANAGEMENT JOURNAL. His successor is Professor Steven Kelman of Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government. Steve is an internationally recognized scholar and researcher and a former top official in the United States’ Office of Management and Budget. Fred’s resignation and Steve’s appointment was announced at the quadrennial meeting of editors of public affairs and policy journals in New York City, December 3, where Fred chaired a session on electronic archiving.

Under Fred’s editorship the journal focused on the formulation of public management policy, public management innovation, reform, change, comparative management, and the management of international organizations. Fred and KAREN PITER, the journal’s managing editor, will complete the production of volume 8, issues 1 and 2, and AGSM will continue to house the journal’s parent, the INTERNATIONAL PUBLIC MANAGEMENT NETWORK, and its website http://www.inpuma.net/.



Atkinson students achieved many noteworthy accomplishments in 2004. Here are just a few examples, which will be published in the Trustee and Annual Report:

  • Atkinson students donated more than 2,100 hours of volunteer service and raised more than $10,000 for four Salem area nonprofits through the PaCE program. Community service partners included the YMCA, Boys & Girls Club, American Red Cross and Meals on Wheels.
  • Current Atkinson student, KUON PHOU, was selected from a pool of 600 applicants for the Adidas Soloman Sales Operations Summer Intern Program. Other Atkinson students are completing internships with employers such as: Russell Investment Group, Intel Corporation, Oregon Department of Consumer and Business Services, SpaceKraft, Morgan Stanley, Port of Portland, Oregon Zoo Foundation, Oregon Department of Revenue, Salem Hospital, and more.
  • Students JEREMY MAUGHAN and ELIOTT DALE were selected to help the Portland Venture Group of angel investors screen entrepreneurial opportunities and provide feedback to entrepreneurs seeking funding from the group. The opportunity to work with the Portland Venture Group will now be available to two Atkinson students each year.
  • BA/MBA student KAT EUM was selected as a Weber Scholar and is mentoring and teaching elementary students about environmental science while she works on her MBA. Kat is also President of Mortar Board.


Introducing a new addition to ATKINSONews! This section is dedicated to sharing the recommended reading lists of Atkinson faculty members. In each issue, faculty members will recommend one or two books that they believe you will benefit from and enjoy reading.

This month’s book recommendation provided to you by Professor STEVE MASER:

Culture War? The Myth of a Polarized America Culture War? The Myth of a Polarized America, by Morris Fiorina with Samul Abrams and Jeremy Pope (Pearson Longman: 2005). In this short, eloquently crafted book, Fiorina presents years of polling data from multiple sources to debunk commonly believed myths about current American politics, especially the claim that Americans are deeply divided amidst a culture war. Lots of intelligent people I know seem to believe in these myths and to be making decisions in their personal and professional lives based upon them. I’d like to encourage everyone to consider the systematic evidence first.




There have been some staff changes in the Dean’s Office and in the Office of Admission at Atkinson. AIMEE AKIMOFF has been promoted to Admission Counselor and will be joining Anita Hughes and Judy O’Neill in their recruiting and admission efforts. SHARON WHITE has been promoted to Administrative Assistant II and will be serving as the receptionist for both the Dean’s Office and the Office of Admission. In addition, Sharon will be providing program support to administrators on the first floor.





New Year’s Day


Senators Wyden and Smith Bi-Annual Town Hall meeting


Senior Assistant to the Dean Susan Chiapella’s Birthday


Professor Ilan Vertinsky’s Birthday


Martin Luther King Jr. Day


Willamette Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration


Professor Patrick Connor’s Birthday


Career Event: Next Step Partners



WU/OPB Forum, Portland


Chinese New Year


Dempsey Environmental Lecture and Conference


Valentine’s Day


President’s Day



Career Event: Dine like a Diplomat


St. Patrick’s Day




Professor Lisbeth Claus’ Birthday

View the current events calendar at: http://www.willamette.edu/~schiapel/master_calendar/ and other information for alumni at: http://www.willamettealumni.com/.

I used to say, ‘I sure hope things will change.’ Then I learned that the only way things are going to change for me is when I change.

- Jim Rohn

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