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October 2005


Progress Towards Our Goals

Dean Jim Goodrich Recently the Willamette University Deans were asked to lay out our goals for the year in preparation for the Board of Trustees October meeting. In a way, this seems a rather obvious task, since we constantly set out goals and report on our achievements in reaching them – in AACSB accreditation reports, admissions reports, placement statistics, and so forth.

Yet there are also some interesting issues here. For instance, as we follow the baseball playoffs this October, each team has one overarching goal – to score more runs than their opponents. Yet baseball is filled with many ways to measure performance – from pitchers earned run average, pitch counts, to batting averages, on base percentages, and so forth.

These days many of these statistics are available to managers and to fans. Analysts remind us how managers “play the percentages” rather than playing their hunches. In his excellent book Moneyball: the Art of Winning an Unfair Game, Michael Lewis explains how the Oakland A’s used these metrics in some interesting ways to become one of the winningest teams in baseball, on a very tight budget.

In other words, setting goals and watching the numbers informs us and guides us as we move through the year. It also helps in benchmarking how we are doing compared to our peers, or can remind us when we are falling short, or need to make mid-course corrections.

We continue to make our goals simple and straightforward, even as we develop some more sophisticated ways to measure our progress. Our goals for the AGSM still all fall under the overarching topics of VISIBILITY and VIABILITY. We continue to strive for improvements in our entering Full Time MBA classes, even as we recruit for our first ever Professional MBA class in Portland, to start in January. We hope to expand from 65 students to 80 in Salem next year, and to recruit at least 20 students for our January and September cohorts for the Professional MBA in Portland. At this time we are also setting goals to expand our Executive Education offerings and to bring the PMBA to Salem next fall – more on these efforts in future issues!

We are also becoming increasingly more aggressive in promoting our programs and expanding efforts to gain visibility. You may have heard or seen some of our ads? If so, please let us know and give us your feedback. We have had interesting results so far, but would like to hear from you. We are also striving for more public relations activity through mentions of our school, programs and faculty in the media. Soon we will be undertaking media training for our faculty and key staff. These efforts are essential as we continue to expand our awareness in our region.

Even as we develop ever better measures of our progress – from numbers of calls to numbers of clicks to number of media mentions – we need to keep reminding ourselves that progress is still measured in terms of these two overall goals. It helps that they are integrated – each one helps the other. By putting ourselves in a position to learn what works for us, and gaining in students and reputation, perhaps we can – like the A’s – create a winning cycle in our highly competitive market of management education.

One final note – by any measure, we are making some excellent progress in our placement statistics as you can see in our Career Services section. For the class of 2005, 86.7% secured employment within 90 days of graduation (91% indicated having received offers within that timeframe). The placement percentages meet and exceed the goal of 85% employment this year. The class of 2005 mean salary was $53,066. While it is still shy of our goal of $60,000 it is significantly higher than the mean salaries a few years ago reported in the $40,000 range. We’ll definitely call that progress! Congratulations to Career Services Director Beth Ursin, and to all our successful graduates.

Jim Goodrich


Samantha Lee and Shannon Leiss GREGG LEISS ’91 MM’92 and TINA LEISS JD’92 added Samantha Lee to their family on September 22nd at 7:38 am. Samantha was born a few weeks early and weighed 6 lb 3 oz, 18.5” long. All is well, Tina and Samantha were released on Friday the 23rd and Shannon is enjoying her new little sister.


Justin and Becky On September 17th, JUSTIN BARSOTTI MM’99 married Becky Broderson. “We were married just outside of Leavenworth, WA at the Beecher Hill House on a beautiful September afternoon.” Justin is still at Microsoft working in the Developer Tools marketing team as a Marketing Manager in charge of academic developer community efforts. Justin and his wife reside in Seattle.


Mok boys SIEW-CHOY MOK MM’89 continues his work at the University of Hong Kong where he is running several finance programs for the university and is doing a bit of teaching. “My duties are mostly administrative now,” writes Siew-Choy. “My wife is finishing her residency. My son is two and the baby 10 months.”


Update from BRADLEY KING ’74, MAD’76

“My wife lives with me in Portland most of the time, but was there in New Orleans preparing for the christening of our second granddaughter, scheduled for the Saturday following Katrina. Fortunately, she and her younger son (23) left town about 3:30 AM Sunday and rode out the storm at her younger brother’s place outside Hattiesburg, MS. Her older son and his family went to Houston late Friday. They’re at my place in South Carolina, just south of Charlotte, now. Everyone made it through safely, but my older stepson’s home, as well as Susan and mine’s, were both under 10 -12 feet of water. We’re both only a couple of blocks from the break in the 17th Street Canal.”

DIANA LEWIS MBA’05 has been offered a sales position with Pfizer, which she has accepted. Her official title is Healthcare Representative I. Diana will be moving to Bend in just a couple of months but before that she will do intense training in Denver and New York.

PRADEEP CHANDRA KATHI MM’91 is a doctoral candidate in public administration at the University of Southern California. He is presently a co-principal investigator and lead research assistant on the Collaborative Learning Project, funded by the the Hewlett Foundation, which aims to connect city agencies and neighborhood councils in Los Angeles. He recently published “Democratizing the Administrative State” with the chair of his doctoral committee, Terry Cooper, in Public Administration Review (Sep/Oct 2005: 59-67). Pradeep presented a paper entitled “Connecting Neighborhood Councils and City Agencies” at the biennial Public Management Research Conference.

SHIGEMASA SHIN MBA’94 has been working as the Manager of Sales and Materials Department for Kobe Precision Technology in Penang, Malaysia for almost 4 years. Next year Shigemasa will be transferred to back to Tokyo and will be in charge of the administration and planning department for subsidiaries in China, Southeast Asia, Korea and USA.

DEBRA SPEARS-TURNER MBA/JD ’05 was admitted to the Utah State Bar this month, following a successful first time passage of the bar exam. Although she is now back in her home state, Debra is continuing with Whitford Law Offices LLC as both a staff attorney and Business Manager. As Business Manager, Debra is responsible for development of client services and growth of the firm. That growth includes a future Utah office headed by Debra. She is also pleased to report that her daughter, Kamryn, just celebrated her first birthday. Kamryn was treated to the first birthday parties to end all birthday parties!

GREG UNDERWOOD MBA’03 was recently promoted from Transportation Supervisor to Manager of Transportation and Logistics for Hollywood Entertainment. Greg and his wife Nicole Underwood MBA’03, who works for T-Mobile, reside in Portland.

BROOKS HOUSER ’85, MBA’87, JD’89 won the 108th Anniversary Waverely Blyth Golf Tournament on September 24, 2005. The Blyth is the oldest amateur golf tournament west of the Mississippi as well as the first international match held in the USA.


Atkinson celebrates its 10th year as a Beta Gamma Sigma member! Atkinson joins the likes of California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, Rutgers-The State University of New Jersey-Camden, Thunderbird, The Garvin School of International Management and other schools as it celebrates 10 years as a Beta Gamma Sigma chapter.

Willamette University Breakfast Forum 2005-06 Series
Thursday, November 3, 2005
Hardy Myers, Attorney General, State of Oregon
Dana Parks, Vice President and Investigator, Bank of America

Hardy Myers Identity Theft And Corporate Responsibility: What’s in Your Dumpster?
Thousands of Oregonians and businesses have been victimized by identity theft via the internet and other methods, some with devastating results. Our speakers, along with Drew Lianopoulos, Attorney-in-Charge of Financial Fraud and Consumer Protection at the Oregon Department of Justice, will share specific information about this growing problem and what individuals and businesses can do to protect themselves from identity theft.

Location: Multnomah Athletic Club, 1848 SW Salmon, Portland
Cost: $15 per person; $100 for a corporate table of eight
Schedule: Coffee at 7 a.m., breakfast at 7:30 a.m., adjourn at 8:30 a.m.

This Forum is open to all Willamette alumni and friends, and is co-sponsored by Willamette University and the Willamette Professional MBA program. Advance reservations are recommended. Register online at www.willamettealumni.com/events, email alumni@willamette.edu or call 1-800-551-6794. Please respond by October 31. To view future breakfast sessions, visit www.willamettealumni.com/events.

Golf Bag with Clubs Hittin’ the Greens
Need a break from the boardroom? How about a no-pressure round of golf? Several members of the Atkinson community have recently initiated a golf group for those who expressed an interest in working on their game. The goals of the group are to learn about golf etiquette (for business purposes) as well as to maintain physical activity and recreation.

There are two main groups – the brand-new player and those that want to play 18 on a full-length course. The groups alternate each week with the new players going to a driving range and playing a short “par 3” course and the next week a full 18 is played. Lessons are also in the works.

The first event sponsored by the Atkinson golf group was held at Meadowlawn Golf Course on October 15th. Participants were paired up to play a 9-hole scramble with a barbeque following the event.

If you are interested in attending a future golf event or getting involved, please contact one of the golf group coordinators: Julie Mares (jmares@willamette.edu), Andrew Logue (alogue@willamette.edu), Koy Saechao (ksaechao@willamette.edu), Craig Zeff (czeff@willamette.edu), or Ken Smith (smithk@willamette.edu).

International Dinner
The international students of Atkinson invite you to participate in the annual International Dinner. If you have not heard about this event before, then you are in for a treat. You will have the chance to taste food (for free!) from all countries represented by the international students and listen to different music at one time under one roof. We guarantee that it will be lots of fun! Last year, we had 100 guests and this year we expect the number to increase. This year, the international dinner will be held on Fri Oct 28th at 6:00pm in the Montag Den on campus. For further information on the event, please email us at igsa@willamette.edu.

Professional MBA Holds Information Sessions in the Pearl District
Prospective students, faculty, alumni and friends attended the September Professional MBA information session at the Ecotrust Rooftop Terrace. The events are designed to educate the Willamette community about the Professional MBA and connect prospective students to alumni and faculty. We invite you to join us for the next information session:

Tuesday, November 8, 5:30-7:30pm, Rogue Brew Pub
1339 NW Flanders (at 14th)
Beer and Pizza Served

Contact Tina Alexander or Carla Wiltbank for directions or more information at 503-808-9901. Information is also online at www.willamettepmba.com.

Career Statistics 2005
Prior to graduation, 45.6% of those seeking full-time employment had accepted job offers. Three months following graduation, 86.7% of those seeking full-time employment had accepted job offers. With 50% of those accepting job offers reporting, salaries ranged from $40,000 to $80,000 with an average salary of $53,066.

More than half of the graduates went into the private sector (73%), as compared to 7% in public sector and 20% non-profit. The largest industries included high technology, consulting, consumer products and healthcare. While the majority of students accepted positions with some form of “analyst” in the title, approximately 37% are working in finance, 23% in sales/marketing and 10% in human resources.

Companies where graduates accepted positions, ranged from large global employers such as Intel, Hewlett Packard Company, Nintendo, and Adidas to Regional employers such as Kaiser Permanente, Stockamp and Associates and Providence Health Systems to local companies such as the City of Salem and Saber Consulting, not to mention Public sector employers such as UNICEF, JAGC and the Defense Intelligence Agency.

NOTE: This report was developed in accordance with MBACSC Standards

Of the first year class of students, 77% of students accepted internships, while others attended classes or studied abroad and/or returned to former employment. In other words, all students who sought internships were able to secure them, the majority were secured well before graduation. Pay ranged from $12/hr to $30/hr. Companies included Internationally recognized companies such as Apax, T-Mobile, Hewlett Packard Company, Nike, Microsoft and Tektronix as well as regional employers such as Russell Investments, Digimarc, Columbia sportswear, Washington Mutual and Providence Health Care systems and public sector positions such as the prestigious Oregon performance Internship program and the U.S. State Department. A large number of interns either have offers on the table or are in discussions to continue employment beyond the summer. An assessment tool has been developed by faculty and will serve as a pilot this year…results will be collected this month.

Mentorship Event [photo]Mentorship Program
On September 25th, the 2005-2006 mentorship program kicked off with a reception on campus where the entering class met their mentors. Requests for participation this year topped the charts with 50 students (34 participated last year). Mentors this year range from CEO’s of corporations to upwardly mobile alums in large companies.

Mentorship Event [photo] The buzz on the street is that students are really excited about the opportunity to learn from successful business people and were amazed with some of their matches. The overwhelming question was “What is the mentor getting out of it?” So, I asked the mentors. Their response was that it’s refreshing to work alongside young, enthusiastic, optimistic, bright MBA students.

What’s Happening This Fall...
During the fall of 2005, the Career Services office continues the mentorship program, and the first year professional development programming, which encourages students to research and seek internships early. For second year students, the school will participate in Career Fairs, including the MBA Consortium in Atlanta, the NW MBA consortium in Portland, NSHMBA in Los Angeles and the Business Women’s Conference in Boston. Willamette is participating in fall recruiting with several companies including Intel, Tektronix, Microsoft, Moss Adams, Deloitte, Stockamp and Associates, Mass Mutual Financial Services, and Washington Mutual and is in talks with several more. Beyond the local circuit, students from the class of 2006 have expressed interest in and are exploring treks in Seattle, Denver, Boise, San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles and Las Vegas. Students have volunteered to take the lead on the treks with Career Services offering support and assistance lining up employer visits. To bridge the gap between first and second years, a Peer Advisor program has been developed and six second year students are already working to meet, offer advice and provide connections between first and second year classes.

President of Notus Career Services and T-Mobile Recruiter Speak at Career Lunches
Rhett Kasparian, President of Notus Career Services was a guest speaker at the first Career Lunch of the academic year on September 20th. Rhett is a results-oriented trainer, motivator, mentor and personal coach. As General Manager, he opened and managed career management/advancement offices in both Seattle and Portland, receiving numerous Career Management awards and accolades. His dynamism is contagious. He developed his sales, marketing and training skills in the Banking and Risk Management industries. Traveling throughout the U.S. giving seminars and presentations, he learned to adapt corporate marketing strategies to individuals, how to enlist the help of others to accomplish goals and objectives, and how to remain positive and upbeat in spite of setbacks. Rhett now uses his unique hands-on and animated style to make a difference in other people’s lives. Rhett has a degree from University of Utah in Organizational Communications, with a minor in Spanish, and is a member of the International Association of Career Management Professionals.

David Officer SPHR, Sr. Manager, Talent Acquisition, T-Mobile, spoke at the Career Lunch on October 4th about what companies across the country are changing about the way they recruit. David is responsible for all the recruiting activities for the Customer Service division of T-Mobile which employs 13,000. T-Mobile recently won the JD Powers award for best Customer Service in the wireless industry. David has 16 years of HR experience working for companies such as Airborne Express, Holland America Cruise Lines, Swedish Medical Center, and Fortune Brands. He has his MBA in Human Resources from the University of Washington as well as his SPHR. In his presentation, David reviewed some of the state of the art practices “best in class” companies are currently doing to find talent for their organizations.

EXECUTIVE DEVELOPMENT CENTER Sponsored by the Utility Education and Training Alliance (UETA), the Executive Development Center is offering a Utility Management Certificate for managers at gas and electric utilities. The two-week program meets October 11-15 and November 15-19, hosted by Portland General Electric at the World Trade Center. Managers from PGE, Pacificorp, NW Natural, and Chelan PUD will be attending. They can receive up to six semester credits for completing the program successfully. The highly interactive program will be delivered by industry experts and utility executives. It includes segments on the evolution of the industry in the Northwest, financial tools, the impact on a utility of regulation and rate-setting, managing risks, human resource management and organizational issues, information technology, stakeholder analysis, and strategy. Designed by Professor Maser and representatives from the utility industry, details are available at www.willamette.edu/mba/utility.


Fred Thompson Professor FRED THOMPSON along with Professor L.R. Jones of the School of Business Administration and Public Policy at Naval Postgraduate School have been selected to be joint recipients of the 2005 Aaron B. Wildavsky Award of the Association for Budgeting and Financial Management. The Wildavsky Award is for outstanding lifetime scholarly achievement in the field of public budgeting and financial management. You can find a little bit about the award at: www.abfm.org/what_is_new.htm. The Award will be presented during ABFM’s annual research conference Awards Luncheon, which will be held on November 11, 2005 in Washington, D.C. This is Fred’s second LAW. (See www.naspaa.org/principals/awards/past.asp#Distinguished%20Research)

Fred also attended the biennial conference of the Public Management Research Association at the University of Southern California, 29 September through 1 October, where he chaired a panel on performance measures. He also participated in the annual workshop and editorial board meeting of the Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis at Simon Fraser University’s Executive Management Center in Vancouver BC, Canada, October 3-4.


Marc Choate Retired Professor MARC CHOATE’S mother passed away on Thursday, September 8. She died in her sleep at home in Burien (south of Seattle) at the age of 86. Our deepest sympathies are with Marc and his family. A Family Memorial Service was held on Tuesday, September 13th at Lake Burien Presbyterian Church (near Seattle) at 1:00 p.m. Private Internment was at Forest Lawn Cemetery. Remembrances can be made to Children’s Hospital in Seattle, 4800 Sand Point Way NE, Seattle, WA 98105.


Robert Wiltbank Professor ROBERT WILTBANK will be a featured speaker at the Bend Venture Conference on October 14 in Bend, Oregon. Rob was recruited to speak at the conference because of his noted authority on angel investing. The conference provides an outstanding opportunity for highly qualified seed and early-stage companies that are seeking equity investment to interact with angel investors and venture capital firms from across the Pacific Northwest and Northern California. “The addition of Dr. Rob Wiltbank, of Willamette University, to the agenda at this year’s conference is a remarkable success. I know that our attendees will find great value in hearing the results of Professor Wiltbank’s national study of angel investing practices and performance,” said Erick Petersen, Chair of the 2005 Bend Venture Conference. See full article about the conference at: www.bendvc.com/Bend_VC_Micro/www.bendvc.com/Press_Room/9.8.05.release.html.


Elliot Maltz Associate Professor of Marketing ELLIOT MALTZ recently had an article accepted in The Journal of Business Logistics entitled, “Demand Collaboration: Effects on Knowledge Creation.” Abstract: While demand collaboration is crucial to supply chain performance, there is divergence over what demand collaboration really means. Currently, one perspective stresses the use of electronic communication systems for real-time data exchange (e.g., EDI, VMI). This is proposed to increase speed of response and reduce costs, thereby improving operational efficiencies. Another perspective stresses relational elements. A relational view of collaboration supports the building of meaningful and cooperative partnerships to create close, long-term links. These links, facilitated largely through the use of non-electronic communication channels, serve the purpose of developing complementary capabilities, sharing more information, and engaging in more joint planning. Our empirical findings indicate that both perspectives are beneficial, but relational elements appear to have the wider beneficial impact.


Steven Maser Professor STEVEN MASER will be attending the meetings of the National Association of Schools of Public Affairs and Administration in Washington, D.C. in mid October.


Manohar Signh Associate Professor of Finance, MANOHAR SINGH coauthored a paper titled “Capital Market Impact of Product Marketing Strategy: Evidence from the Relationship between Advertising Expenses and Cost of Capital” that was published in the Academy of Marketing Science’s special issue on marketing and finance interface. The paper that appears in the Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, Vol.33, Issue 4, 2005, provides evidence to the effect that advertising expenditures help in reducing firm cost of capital and hence contribute to enhancing firm value.

One of Manohar’s published papers in the European Financial Management Journal titled, “Multinational Diversification and Corporate Performance: Evidence from European Firms”, European Financial Management, Vol. 10, No. 3, 2004, was ranked 7th in the list of top 10 most requested papers in that publication. The source of information and the other papers included in that list are available at the following Blackwell Synergy link: www.efmaefm.org/0EFMJOURNAL/top10_2004.shtml. Manohar is in a good company there as works of Professors Michael Jensen and Jay Ritter appear in the same list.



Atkinson Management Today Looking for Writers
Atkinson Management Today (AMT) is currently soliciting writers to contribute to the content of our next publication. This is your opportunity to be published in a student-run, online business journal. AMT is an electronic journal distributed to faculty, staff, students, alumni and business professionals. The journal is intended as a resource for managers, offering practical and contemporary articles on the methods, techniques and theory of management. As an AMT writer, you will publish articles relevant to today’s managers. All alumni are welcome to participate.

Business Women's Forum [photo] Business Women’s Forum Off to a Strong Start
The Business Women’s Forum (BWF), one of the newest student-run groups at AGSM, kicked off their programming for the year on Monday, September 26 at the Gaslight & Bar and Grill. The event, which includes dinner, speakers, and discussion, focused on “Balancing Work and Everything Else,” a relevant topic for the start of a new school year. Three female Atkinson alumni were the featured speakers – ANN JACKSON MBA’84, REBECCA SCHMOYER MBA’00, and ANGELA MAHONEY ’93, MBA’00. The record event turnout (37 attendees) included 1st and 2nd year students, faculty, staff, and alumni, with a great mix of both females and males.

Business Women's Forum [photo] BWF was created to bring more female perspectives to AGSM. Everyone is welcome to come, listen, and participate at every event. The next event will be during the second week in November and will be co-hosted with the Atkinson Public Management Association (APMA). It will feature female public managers as speakers. Be on the look out for more information as the event draws closer. Contact Amanda Hemmert (BWF President) if you have any questions (ahemmert@willamette.edu).

Students Attend Venture Capital Conference
Current students FADI BOURI and SEAN REISTERER recently attended a social venture capital conference on September 20th in Kansas City, which was excellent and beneficial and both established great connections. “Fadi wants to start a social VC firm in Jordan and I’d like to start one in Oregon,” writes Sean. “We reported what we learned to my VC class with professor Singh with great result.”




Retired Professor Marc Choate’s Birthday


Parents and Family Weekend (CLA)


Professor Ken Smith’s Birthday


Columbus Day: University Open


Atkinson Student Association Day


International Graduate Student Association International Dinner




PMBA Director Tina Alexander’s Birthday


Director of Career Services Beth Ursin’s Birthday


Executive In Residence


Director of Marketing Russ Yost’s Birthday


Professor Fred Thompson’s Birthday





Election Day


Registrar Janet Jobes’ Birthday


Atkinson Student Association Day


Veteran’s Day: University Open


Thanksgiving Weekend: University Closed/No Classes


Director of Development Denise Crawford’s Birthday


Professor Steve Maser’s Birthday



CPM Graduation


Willamette Star Tree Lighting and Holiday Concert


Victorian Christmas with John Doan, Hudson Hall


Last Day of the Semester for AGSM


Winter Break: University Closed


Christmas Eve


Christmas Day


Administrative Assistant Mary Stout’s Birthday


New Year’s Eve

View the current events calendar at: www.willamette.edu/~schiapel/master_calendar/ and other information for alumni at: www.willamettealumni.com/events.

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