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JUNE 2004


As the year comes to a close, my congratulations go to the graduates of 2004 for your successful completion of a rigorous, challenging and comprehensive MBA program. Through your enthusiasm for success, thirst for knowledge and perseverance through complex tasks, you have demonstrated that you are superbly competent and that you possess the leadership skills required for continued success and rewarding careers in both public and private enterprises.

In addition, I would like to thank and acknowledge Atkinson’s faculty, administrators and staff for providing, throughout their academic tenure, an exceptional learning environment and fulfilling experience to tomorrow’s business leaders.

And last, this year’s traditional Beta Gamma Sigma/Pi Alpha Alpha Induction and Honoree Ceremony and Honor Student Celebration was expanded to include faculty, staff/administrators, additional student awards as well as emeritus presentations and a memorial dedication. The event was held Thursday, May 13 at the Hatfield Room of the Mark O. Hatfield Library. Presenters included Willamette President, M. Lee Pelton, Debra Ringold, Associate Dean and Professor of Marketing and Patrick Connor, Professor of Organizational Analysis. I extend my congratulations to all inductees and award recipients.

The thirteen students to be inducted into Pi Alpha Alpha/Beta Gamma Sigma and the chapter honorees are as follows:

Jessica Brown*, Melissa Dooley, Trevor Franklin, Joyce Fred, Denise Hoover*, Jessica Knieling, Reese Lord, II*, Elvira Mammadzada*, Van Phan*, Gregory Templeman, Andrea Vassilaros, Casey Wolf, and Gloria Yan. (* Indicates Atkinson Honor Students Receiving a 3.8+ grade point average.)

PI ALPHA CHAPTER HONOREE: Gary K. Weeks. Weeks has served Oregon state government for 29 years and is currently the director of the Oregon Department of Human Services; BETA GAMMA SIGMA CHAPTER HONOREE: George J. Puentes. Puentes is president of Puentes Brothers Inc./Don Pancho Mexican Foods. The company was founded in 1979 and is recognized as one of the top 500 Hispanic owned companies by Hispanic Business magazine.

Pi Alpha Alpha recognizes and promotes excellence in the study and practice of public affairs and administration. Beta Gamma Sigma encourages and honors achievement in the study of business.


  • EMERITUS FACULTY: Earl Littrell, Professor of Accounting & Information Sciences and Fred Truitt, Helen Simpson Jackson Professor of International Management.

  • THE DEAN'S AWARD: for students Jessica Brown and Brock Storfa, “For Academic, Social and Professional Contribution to the Atkinson Graduate School and Willamette University Communities.”

  • FOR OUTSTANDING SCHOLARSHIP: Elliot Maltz, Associate Professor of Marketing; FOR EXCELLENCE IN TEACHING: Bruce Gates, Professor of Quantitative Methods & Public Administration; FOR MERITORIOUS SERVICE: Michael Dothan, Guy F. Atkinson Professor of Economics and Finance; FOR MERITORIOUS SERVICE TO STUDENTS: Lisbeth Claus, Associate Professor of Human Resource Management; and STAFF MEMBER OF THE YEAR: Mary Stout, Faculty Administrative Assistant.


Sid Parakh (MBA’02) is happy to announce his engagement to Sneha Jain, Bombay, India. The wedding ceremony is planned for either December ’04 or February ’05. As Sid eloquently states, “I was finally successful in trapping a cute, smart, pretty and cool Indian girl thanks to the arranged marriage tradition that still exists in India. We met twice, yes believe it, and decided to dedicate the rest of our lives to each other. What a steal! We were engaged in Bombay on May 12 and it was a fun occasion celebrated with relatives and friends.” Sid is currently working as an Equity Analyst at The Robins Group in Portland, OR … a company founded by Atkinson alumnus Marcus Robins (WU’76/M’79).

Susan (Suzie) Cash (WU’00/MBA’01) is happy to report that on May 17, Michael (Mike) Kalina proposed…and Suzie said yes! They are planning to wed spring or early summer 2005. Mike is a graduate of Oregon State University and will soon become manager of Batteries Plus in Portland. Suzie is with Supra Products, Salem and lives in Wilsonville, OR.

Mary Peck (MBA'92) and husband, Robb Peck, are thrilled to announce the birth of their second child, son Sean F. Peck, born March 15, 2004 at 8:45 a.m. Sean was 20" long and weighed 9 lbs. 9 oz. Sean’s sister, Katy, preceded him in birth by two and a half years. “Two kids are way harder than one!” surmises Mary. Mary works for Cascade Credit Services as an examination officer.

On Friday, May 21, Ross Stout (WU’85/MM’93), director of campus safety at Willamette University, was honored by his colleagues as the Willamette University Administrative Employee of the Year. Recipients of this award are nominated and voted on by other members of the Willamette University community. Awards are announced during an annual luncheon.

Last March, Ron Owen (MM'80) was elected as an Arizona Delegate to the Democratic National Convention to be held July 26-29 in Boston, MA. Ron is currently the elected Vice Chair of Maricopa County Democratic Party. Maricopa is the 4th largest county in the US. In addition, he elected as the Chair of District 8 in NE Maricopa.

Mike Turner (WU'78/MM'88) will be married to Donna M. Mattis on July 10 in his home town of Raymond, WA. Mike has been sole practitioner in general law, Pacific County, WA since 1996. In his spare time, Mike fosters orphaned fawns.

Nicole Boyd and Greg Underwood (both MBA'03) were married on Saturday, May 22, 2004 in Salt Lake City, UT. Nicole works for T-Mobile USA as an HR Generalist and Greg is the Transportation Supervisor for Hollywood Entertainment.

Julie Weston (MM’95/JD’95) is a partner at Davis Wright Tremaine, LLP in the mergers and acquisitions area. Julie and her husband, Ben Wolff, Executive Vice President and General Counsel for Eagle River Holdings, LLC, a Craig McCaw company, split their time between Seattle and Portland with Seattle being their current home base. Julie adds, “I have two wonderful step-children, Courtney (11) and Stephanie (7).”

Sam Wylde, III, (MM’77) reports that his company, Ener-G Foods, which makes food for people with medical disorders, has exceeded sales of $750,000 for the first time—for the month of March—the company’s highest single month of sales. Ener-G Foods has also opened a distribution warehouse in Maryland and has just received new production equipment. Sam says he has also applied for a patent.

Sam adds, “My 94-year old mother fractured her pelvis while climbing over a concrete wall at her beach house but is recovering well and has discarded her walker. My wife is disabled from a 1999 automobile accident and we are continuing to adjust. Our two boys are doing well though our eldest, Sammuel, has Celiac Disease.”

Gordon Liu (MBA’03) has been accepted as a Ph.D. candidate at Royal Holloway, University of London, Egham, Surrey, and is awaiting replies from other schools.

Shane Riddle (MBA’01) and his wife, Jill, organized two exhibition basketball games held April 30 and May 1, labeled as Barnstorming, between former college players and high school all-stars that raised about $10,000 for the athletic departments of the host schools, South Eugene and Creswell High schools, and gave fans one last chance to see their local heroes in action. Working evenings and weekends, it took the Riddle’s six weeks to organize everything from event locations to the players. “We ran it like a business,” Jill said. “We had expenses and the college players got paid to play.” The event was sponsored by the Tire Factory.

The Barnstorming team, winner of both games, was anchored by Oregon basketball legend Luke Jackson (Jill Riddle’s brother) and Blake Stepp (Gonzaga), who wanted to give something back to their former schools. Both players were named the 2000 State of Oregon player of the year for their division. Joining the two college powerhouses were U of O teammates Andre Joseph and James Davis, Corey Violette of Gonzaga and former U of O players Jeff Potter, Robert Johnson and Nate Smith.

The high school all-star team included some of the best players in Oregon: Kevin Love (Lake Oswego), Maarty Leunen (Redmond), Jason Bell (Thurston), Jesse Worcester and Maurice Ross (Churchill), JR Morgan and Matt Bramow (South Eugene), class 4A player of the year Jeremiah Dominguez (class 4A champion South Salem), Micah Mooney (Junction City), Ben Voogd (Siuslaw), Ernie Rubio (Cottage Grove), and class 3A player of the year Nick Finley and Jim McQuiston (class 3A state champion Creswell).

Nightly Barnstorming event activities included the exhibition game (announced by Jerry Allen), half-time shooting contests and an autograph period following each game. Shane adds, “The event was a lot of fun and even got some press on ESPN. We are hoping that this will become an annual tradition in the state.” Shane is Senior Business Analyst for SUMMIT Information Systems, Corvallis, OR.


On Friday, July 16 Atkinson will host the Mid-Summer Gathering, AGSM’s annual barbecue to host newly admitted and prospective students as well as the entire Atkinson community.


Lisbeth Claus, Associate Professor of Human Resource Management presented a paper entitled, “Competencies of the Global Professional in HR,” at the Society of Human Resource Management Conference in San Diego, May 26, 2004.

Please review “Message from the Dean” for a list of faculty award recipients during AGSM’s Award Ceremony held on May 13.


The Samaritan Counseling Center (SCC) 2004 Oregon Ethics in Business (OEIB) Award Banquet will be held at the Governor Hotel in Portland, OR on June 16. The 2004 OEIB Award winners are: A-Dec (for-profit); SOLV (not-for-profit); and John C. Hampton (individual). Sam Addoms, Chairman of Frontier Airlines and recipient of the award in Denver, CO is the keynote speaker. The award honors those organizations and individuals who have demonstrated the highest standards of ethical conduct, integrity, and civic and social responsibility.

As a founding partner in the OEIB program, Atkinson will be represented by members of the faculty, students who researched the nominees, and AGSM Dean, Jim Goodrich. Tickets are available through SCC, 1817 NE 17th Ave., Portland, 97212. For more ticket information visit the SCC website at http://sccpdx.org.


Mary Stout, Faculty Administrative Assistant was recognized as the Staff Member of the Year during AGSM’s Award Ceremony held on May 13. Mary joined the Atkinson staff in September 1999, transferring from Willamette’s Mail Services.

DUCHATEAU AND SNOW RETIREMENT PARTY On May 27, Atkinson held an open house appreciation and farewell gathering for Michelle Duchateau, Career Services Director and Cora Snow, Assistant Director of Admission. Both are retiring after a combined 50 years of service to Willamette University and AGSM. Representatives from both Willamette and Atkinson communities attended the event.

Michelle started her 26-year Willamette/Atkinson career as a work-study student in 1978 and has since held numerous positions including Student Loan Officer, Assistant to the Controller, Receptionist, Career Services Specialist, and finally, Director of Career Services, a position she has held for the past five years. Michelle’s last day was May 31 and her immediate plans are to make preparations for moving into a new house and three weeks travel to Europe.

Cora’s 24-year Atkinson career began in August, 1980 as the Faculty Secretary. She later became Admissions Assistant and then Assistant Director of Admission—the position she has held for 20 years. Cora’s last day will be June 30 and she plans to market her catering business, Reed Catering, and to travel.


During Atkinson’s Commencement & Hooding Ceremony rehearsal, graduate candidate Joyce Fred was pleasantly surprised when she was presented with the Pi Alpha Alpha/Beta Gamma Sigma honor cords & pins. She was hoisted into the honors position immediately after receiving an exceptional grade for a year-long, 9-credit course—submitted just minutes before Friday’s rehearsal.




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