Spring is flying past and August will be here soon! We are all excited to welcome you as the newest members of our Willamette MBA Atkinson School community!

As always, we hope this newsletter helps you learn more about the people, programs and opportunities of Willamette's MBA program.


Advising Corner: You Have Made a Great Choice!
Everyday we have the privilege of helping people understand the nuances of choosing the right graduate program for their goals. It can be confusing: there are two-year programs, one-year programs, full-time programs, part-time programs, bridge programs, Master of Science programs, etc. -- and each type of program is designed to provide different benefits and outcomes.

Among all of these choices, only the Willamette MBA for early career and career change provides the solid foundation needed over your career lifetime.

The Willamette MBA is unique because it develops all three of the tools needed for success in a competitive economy: knowledge, professional experience, and strategic career management skills. We call this important benefit "Knowledge PLUS" because we understand that knowledge, alone, is not enough to get you where you want to go.

Developing Knowledge PLUS is the key to your successful career. Why? Because organizations of all types need and want to hire MBAs who have knowledge ... plus ... the ability to apply what they know to help the organization meet its goals ... plus ... the professional behavior tools that contribute to the organization's culture and community.

As a Willamette MBA, you will develop your Knowledge PLUS in just 21 months. You will set yourself apart because you will gain:

* in-depth understanding in one or more areas of specialty of management (accounting, entrepreneurship, finance, marketing, HR, and more). This in-depth knowledge is key to success in early career positions.

* breadth of knowledge of all functions of management and how they work together to form an effective organizational strategy. This broad integrated understanding of the functions of management is key to making good management decisions throughout your career.

* real and respected professional experience. Your Willamette MBA experience will include multiple opportunities to apply what you learn in client consulting projects, internships, investment management, new venture development and more.

* the tools of career management and professional intelligence. These tools include; networking, communication and presentation skills: cross-cultural teamwork and leadership experiences; job search and interviewing abilities; and more.

Professor Rob Wiltbank Wins Prestigious Award!
The Angel Capital Association (ACA) and Angel Resource Institute (ARI) named Professor Robert Wiltbank, Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship and Strategic Management, as the recipient of the 2013 Hans Severiens Award. The Hans Severiens Award honors one individual each year whose actions demonstrate leadership in advancing the role of angel investing, in expanding entrepreneurship, and whose accomplishments shape and benefit the angel investment industry as a whole. “Rob Wiltbank’s contribution is unique in the world of angel investing,” said Marianne Hudson, ACA executive director. “He is an angel investor, founder of funds, professor and mentor to future entrepreneurs, and he has researched and written two of the most comprehensive and widely consulted reports on investments by angels in groups.” Professor Wiltbank co-founded the Willamette MBA Angel Fund, an innovative, experiential project where students invest as real angel investors. His New Ventures to Market course was named as a "top 10 entrepreneurship class" in the U.S. by Inc. magazine.

International Student Dinner - A Great Event!
The annual International Dinner lived up to its sterling reputation and was enjoyed by the entire Atkinson School Community. Hosted by the International Graduate Student Association (many dressed in their traditional country apparel) students, staff, faculty and families were treated to a wonderful evening of food and entertainment. In additional to the International Dinner, the Atkinson School IGSA organizes panels and networking opportunities.  The student organization is open to all students.

Employment 2013!
Willamette MBA 2013 Commencement
Graduating students are interviewing and accepting offers. We continue to see several companies making multiple hires each year. To date for the class of 2013, Avanade has hired 6, Intel has hired 5, Nike, Inc. has hired 2, Ashland Partners has hired 2 and the Bonneville Power Administration has hired 2. Other employers include Hewlett Packard, Johnson & Johnson, Deloitte, Oregon Department of Transportation, Rubicon International, Perkins & Co, and more!

Students who just completed their first year of the MBA are also interviewing and accepting internship offers. Internship employers include Daimler, Habitat for Humanity, Intel, Nike, Nestle, Price Waterhouse Coopers, World Vision, Thomson Reuters, Ford, Oregon Department of Administrative Services, and more.

Fall Semester 2013 - Starts August 13th
As you make plans for the Willamette MBA program, it is important to know that fall semester begins Tuesday, August 13th. An optional pre-session will be available on Friday, August 9th. The 2013-14 academic calendar is available online.

New Student Arrival Liaison Service
Every year we have second year MBA students who assist all of our new students coming from out of the area. These students will pick you up at Portland International Airport, bring you to Salem, help you find a place to live, get you to a bank, get your student ID card, and more.

Aimee and I will be providing more information about the Student Arrival Liaison program in early June. But for now, just know the Willamette MBA community will be there to help you!

"Important Information for Fall Semester" Email Series Will Begin in Late May or Early June
Very soon you will begin to receive a series of very important emails that will help prepare you for fall semester 2013. You will receive some assignments to complete, information about the fall semester schedule of classes, forms to submit, information about off-campus housing, instructions for setting up your official Willamette University email address, and more. Be sure to watch your email. All summer communications will also be posted on the incoming student facebook page. If you have not yet joined the facebook page, just go to https://www.facebook.com/groups/323797831055488/ and request to join!

WU MBA Student Team Places 3rd in National Competition!
Willamette MBA new venture team, Zoned, won third place in the California Dreamin' Investor and Fast Pitch Business Plan Competition in Orange County, CA.  The three winning plans were selected from 29 competitors from top schools in the U.S. The Willamette team included first year students Philip Catudal and Shaptar Morina. The award for third place totaled $30,000, including a $15,000 prize and a $15,000 equity investment. The students were accompanied to the event by Wade Brooks, Contributing Assistant Professor and Executive Director of the Willamette MBA Angel Fund.

Students Go To Brazil for Spring Semester International Class

Rio de Janeiro BrazilProfessor Gary Knight and Director of Career Management, Beth Ursin, accompanied 17 students to Sao Paulo and Rio De Janiero to learn about doing business in Brazil. Students visited 11 organizations ( a combination of public, private and not-for-profit enterprises) including Nike and Natura General Electric Oil. Brazil is the world's sixth largest economy in the world and the IMF expects it to become the 5th largest by 2015.

International Classes/Trips Announced for 2013-14
The elective course and trip to Brazil was so successful that we will be doing two course/trip combinations during the coming year. Course topics and destinations will be Chile (December) and China (March). More information will be available during fall semester.

Recent Facebook, Blog and Email Posts Say it All!
Samantha Picken - 1st year student.
" What a difference a year can make... About to start an amazing Finance internship opportunity with Intel, completed an internship in Internal Audit, one year away from earning my MBA, becoming an Accounting tutor and will be a Peer Career Advisor next year. Now, off to Seaside to commence summer! — feeling blessed."

Ryan Steffner - 1st year student.
"And just some feedback for you / Atkinson: This class [Fraud and Controls] is a really awesome thing for students career-wise, especially people who are interested in auditing. I applied for 3 audit internships and heard back from all of them, (ODOT, [Oregon] Parks and Rec, and Umpqua Bank) and I know it’s because I put this project on my resume. Although I did not interview for any of them because I decided on a financial analyst internship, this class is awesome for students getting their foot in the door."

Anthony Tham - Graduated May 12, 2013.
"It ’s been a wild ride! Two years sure flies by when you’re reading a lot of books, cases, and writing a bunch of papers. Haha, beyond that was also a lot of team projects, presentations, and personal/professional development. I’m excited about the opportunities that this may bring, and look forward to reconnecting with all my fellow graduates in the future!

I was a little sad that it was all over. It was like watching the series finale of the Office. When you’ve invested so much time and energy into something, it’s hard to see it end. Then I remembered the words of Dr. Seuss, “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” I’ve been smiling since :-) Read Anthony's full blog entry.

Willamette MBA Hosts Toastmasters Group
Toastmasters is a great professional development opportunity in which participants hone their speaking and leadership skills in a no-pressure atmosphere. Willamette's own chapter - Will U Speak - meets weekly at the Atkinson School. Check it out when you arrive for fall semester! school Atkinson Mudd Building. Check it out fall semester! All are welcome to observe and/or participate!

Contact Us With Your Suggestions and Information Needs
If you have questions or if you have suggestions for information you would like covered in a newsletter, virtual event or online chat, be sure to share your ideas with us!

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