Practical Application for Careers and Enterprises

Buckle up! You will likely never forget your PACE experience.

It's not uncommon for Willamette University MBA alumni to cite PACE as one of the most transformational aspects of their time here at Atkinson. For some, it's their first true collaborative effort with real clients. For others, it's a fresh opportunity to have positive impact on the community while working through tough decisions that can be, at times, quite frustrating.

No matter what your expectations are going into it, our PACE program will spit you out with a whole new view of management, collaboration, and service to clients and community.

How PACE works

PACE includes a major consulting project, which you will begin to plan for on the first day of class. 

Every candidate in the Early Career and Career Change MBA program completes PACE as part of our curriculum. It helps students quickly build new, real-world professional experience, learn to develop and structure an organization, add value to a client, lead and succeed in multi-cultural teams, communicate and make effective presentations, analyze organizational issues, and evaluate opportunities -- all while contributing to the community by enhancing the operations of their client service organizations.

GSM 5108: PACE I - Practical Applications for Careers and Enterprises (fall semester). You begin with a series of broad questions about management and organizations, with direct career and personal applications. As the semester progresses, you will form small student teams and begin planning out projects for non-profit or public client organizations. The service/consulting project provides a valuable opportunity to put ideas from the first part of PACE into action and to work on your career goals in a more practical situation.

GSM 5109: PACE II - Practical Applications for Careers and Enterprises (spring semester). The service/consulting projects move into implementation, and you will provide management consulting services for non-profit or public client organizations. This real-world experience challenges you to contribute to the community through enhancing the operations of a social organization. During the semester, you will receive both mentor and content inputs that are aligned with project progress. As the semester concludes, you should anticipate a major presentation, a chance to reflect on learnings from the projects, and the series of steps you need to be positioned for a fulfilling internship during the summer.