Grant Administration

You will make some of the most meaningful decisions of your life in this program.

Modeled after our wildly successful Angel Fund course, "Grant Administration: Concept to Consequences" is designed to give students experience in the world of not-for-profit management and investing in not-for-profit organizations.

The Grant Administration program was launched with $150,000 in seed money from Mountain West Investment Corporation.
Students enrolled in the year-long Grant Administration elective course experience the challenges, joys and responsibilities of building and evaluating not-for-profit capacity. The process begins by soliciting applications for funding requests from regional not-for-profit organizations. Students then evaluate the funding requests and determine the distribution of funds among the organization's proposed projects

This one-of-a-kind program provides invaluable insight and experience in not-for-profit management, as well as the ability to impact the community in a strategic and meaningful way.