Experiential and Consequential Learning

Our suite of hands-on programs and opportunities makes the Early Career & Career Change MBA best in class.

The unique curriculum and learning experience of the Willamette MBA include two advanced forms of hands-on learning -- experiential learning and consequential learning.

Experiential learning allows students to apply what they learn to real problems and/or real clients. It includes a realm of activities including problem solving, case study analysis and recommendations, working with real clients through class consulting projects, and the unique Willamette first-year PACE program. Nearly all Willamette MBA courses involve a form of experiential learning.

PACE (Practical Applications for Careers and Enterprises)

PACE Student Blog

Consequential learning is one giant step above experiential learning. It is 100% real life. It involves making decisions under uncertain conditions with real capital and very real outcomes. These courses put you and your colleagues on the front line managing real dollars; investing in real start-ups; and funding real not-for-profit organizations that impact our community. The following elective courses are Willamette MBA consequential learning courses:

Angel Fund

Angel Fund Student Blog

Philanthropic Investment for Community Impact

Philanthropic Investment for Community Impact Student Blog

O'Neill Student Investment Fund

O'Neill Student Investment Fund Student Blog