We do internships a little different than most.

Take everything you thought you knew about internships and put it in a box. Now take that box and kick it as hard as you can out the door.

It bears repeating - we do internships differently.

They are focused and driven to support your career goals. Faculty and staff here at Atkinson will work with you as advisors and mentors to make sure you are maximizing your opportunity. You and your Atkinson support team will work closely with your internship supervisor (more commonly known as "your boss") at the organization you're working with.

Willamette MBA students have a rare opportunity to participate in up to three semesters of supervised internship experiences. This means eligible students can participate in a:

  • Full-time internship in the summer between the first and second year of study;
  • Part-time internship during fall semester of the second year, and;  
  • Part-time internship during spring semester of the second year of the MBA program.

And guess what?

Internships lead to significantly expanded professional networks. They sometimes lead to jobs that are lined up to start immediately when you graduate. And, of course, high-quality internships will make your resume pop from the pile on a hiring manager's desk.

Where do our MBA candidates take internships? And what do they do?

Pick an industry, employer or role...our interns are everywhere doing hand's on, creative work that impacts organizations.

Our interns have gained valuable experience at places like the Boys & Girls Club, Deloitte, Kaiser Permanente, Mercy Corps, Nike, numerous department with the State of Oregon, and Charles Schwab, to name just a few. You'll work in areas like business analysis; marketing and communication; project management; not-for-profit management; business strategy; and much, much more.

Please take time to explore our internship program. It's a core experience in our Early Career & Career Change MBA program and a vital part of our curriculum.