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Willamette University unofficially breaks world record for largest Red Light, Green Light game
Statesman Journal (Aug 30)

"Willamette University could be the new record holder for the largest game of Red Light, Green Light.

"According to coordinator Bryan Schmidt, director of campus recreation at Willamette, 1,061 people showed up to the campus quad to play. The world record is currently held by Manassas, Virginia with 755 people."

Willamette University welcomes freshmen to Salem
Statesman Journal (Aug 23)

"There was no huffing and puffing from freshmen and parents carrying boxes up flights of stairs. Instead, one by one, student volunteers from athletic teams and Tokyo International University of America lifted boxes, suitcases and laundry baskets full of bedding and shoes."

Artifacts settle in at Hallie Ford after a long journey
Statesman Journal (Aug 21)

"It takes steady hands and a confident spirit to handle artifacts that have survived 5,000 years or more. Katy Blanchard, keeper of the Near East collection of the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, has both.

She was one of several couriers in Salem this week to install objects for the Hallie Ford Museum of Art’s upcoming show. “Breath of Heaven, Breath of Earth: Ancient Near Eastern Art From American Collections” opens Aug. 31."

Who Is Nick Symmonds? About The Runner Who Decried Russia’s Anti-LGBT Policies
International Business Times (Aug 14)

"In his less-provocative moments, Symmonds is an accomplished runner and a major star in the running world. He ran the 800 in the last two Summer Olympics and took fifth place last year in London, and his silver Tuesday in Russia is the first world athletics championships medal an American man has taken in the 800 in 16 years.

Born in Sun Valley, Idaho, Symmonds won multiple state championships in various track events before going on to attend Oregon’s Willamette University, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry. He was a stellar college athlete, winning the 800-meter NCAA championship all four years of college, and the 1,500-meter NCAA championship in his freshman, junior and senior years."

Day Eighteen
The Ness of Brodgar Dig Diary (Aug 6)

"We have found a carved stone ball! And the importance of this? Well, hardly anyone has ever found a carved stone ball in a modern archaeological context...

"Below, you have the account from the young Willamette [student], Molly, on her first dig, who found the carved stone ball."

Time is right to consider angel investing
law (Aug 5)

"Angel investments can range from $10,000 to $1 million, but they should come out of a person's surplus. The best way to invest as an angel is in 10 or more deals, says Rob Wiltbank, a professor and researcher at Willamette University in Portland, Ore., and the University of Washington in Seattle.

"His research shows that at least half the time, an investor loses money, and about 10% of investments generate 90% of returns."

Summer of the interns at city hall
Keizertimes (Aug 27)

"But aside from getting to see the interaction between councilors and staff, there was another reason for Kendrick to enjoy the meeting. She got the chance to meet current councilor and former Keizer mayor Dennis Koho, a local attorney who got his law degree from Willamette University.

"By the end of the week, Kendrick landed a job as law clerk with Koho’s firm."

Leave our visitors with a good impression
Statesman Journal (Aug 21)

"Thousands of visitors will be traveling through town during the next few days.

Of course, the big event is Friday’s opening of the Oregon State Fair. But today also marks the start of Opening Days for Willamette University undergraduates.

Those events speak not only to Salem’s past but also to its future."

Willamette grad Nick Symmonds speaks out on gay rights after Russian race
Statesman Journal (Aug 15)

"Willamette University graduate and runner Nick Symmonds drew international attention Tuesday when, after winning silver at the World Athletics Championships in Moscow, he dedicated his medal to 'his gay and lesbian friends back home.'

"According to several news agencies, the announcement makes Symmonds the first foreign athlete on Russian soil to criticize the country’s recent anti-gay propaganda law."

Sport court: Where international sports and legal systems converge
University of Melbourne (Aug 9)

"Sports law can make it easier for sports federation officials, sports association officials and so on, to make a decision that otherwise might be controversial. They have no choice. They need to follow the law and I think that's been another byproduct of this whole movement of international sports law." - Willamette University College of Law, James Nafziger

Ellis McCoy took bribes, but Portland is readily buying more parking meters under infamous contract
The Oregonian (Aug 5)

"But Portland's decision to readily buy meters under a cooked contract raises moral and legal issues, said a Willamette University professor who specializes in contract law, and calls into question whether taxpayers are getting the best deal when city officials won't seek competitive bids.

"'If the city wanted to get out of this, there are probably ways to press it,' said David Friedman, director of the university's Law and Business program. 'You could craft a case that would be credible. I don't know if it would be winning, but it would be credible.'

"...Friedman, the law professor, isn't so sure. He said the city would have an "excellent case" to void the contract 'if -- I want to emphasize that' someone from Cale is also charged and convicted."

Editor's note: The city decided not to proceed. See the story below for video of Friedman's comment on KOIN (CBS Portland, channel 6):