PaCE Program Helps Salem Community

Willamette License PlateA light-hearted dating primer, a unique license plate, an assistance manual for small businesses and a one-of-a-kind hiking guide all proved successful PaCE projects for the students of Willamette University's Atkinson Graduate School of Management.

PaCE, now in its fifth year, stands for the Private, Public and Community Enterprise Project. These distinct projects are organized by teams of Atkinson graduate students who develop both a business plan and a plan for community service in cooperation with a local non-profit organization. The students create and market a product or service in cooperation with a non-profit agency and then donate the proceeds and substantial volunteer hours to their non-profit partner.

This year's crop of PaCE endeavors returned $5,660 and more than 1,600 of volunteer hours to the Salem non-profit community.

The Mitchell Group designed, published and sold a dating guide for the greater Salem area. The guide entitled, Got Raisins? How about a Date?, takes a humorous look at dating in general. The Mitchell Group sold 1,100 copies of the dating guide and netted $960.

The Mitchell Group, which partnered with Marion-Polk Food Share (MPFS) to reduce hunger in the Salem area, also contributed more than 580 hours of volunteer work creating a calendar for Chef's Nite Out Fall 2003, conducting multiple food drives, and assisting with Operation Hungry Child by serving 3,000 lunches to students over spring break.

Rubicon Consulting produced the Willamette University logo license plate that is still available through the University Bookstore. Rubicon Consulting provided market research services to the University Store to determine what University-themed products attract student, visitor and alumni consumers.

Rubicon Consulting partnered with the Elsinore Theater to volunteer 500 hours and donated $700. With the purchase of the license plate, the University receives a portion of the registration fee for student programs.

Vesta Ventures developed and distributed a bilingual small-business resource manual entitled, Small Business Success: Where to Find Help in Marion/Polk Counties, the first of its kind to target English- and Spanish-speaking small business owners in the Salem, Oregon area.

Vesta secured $3,900 in sponsorships from local businesses and published 2,000 copies of the 30-page manual for distribution between Woodburn and Albany, OR. Vesta partnered with the Salem Area Habitat for Humanity to volunteer on house raisings, assist with Oregon's first Women's Build Project, and donated $1,000.

Lokahi designed and produced Boots and Bikes: Hiking, Biking, and Cycling in the Mid-Willamette Valley, a 164-page guide plus CD-Rom to 49 different trails in the Mid Willamette Valley. Each trail is rated on level of difficulty, level of fitness and scenery and offers informative narratives, directions, and map for each trail. The uniqueness of this product is the CD-Rom, which has additional information and topographic maps for each trail. The guide is available in local outdoor stores.

Lokahi partnered with the United Way of the Mid-Willamette Valley to volunteer 500 hours and donated more than $3,000.