In His Own Words: ASWU President Adam Holbrook 03

What is one of your favorite Willamette memories?
Freshmen dorm experience. Living for the first time with so many interesting fellow students, and sharing our history and future goals in late night discussions in the hallways. This residential aspect for me was just what I was looking for in a college, and although I do not necessarily remember the exact topics of the conversations, I will never forget the richness associated with growing closer with my hallmates.

What do you think is the greatest gift Willamette gave to you?
The one gift that I have received from Willamette - which I had completely underestimated - is the experience of a liberal arts education. It has only been this year, my last, that I have come to appreciate the broad range of topics and themes I have been provided with here and have been able to explore in-depth.

What one piece of advice would you give incoming students?

College is really what one makes of it. The saying "you get out what you put in" is especially true. Willamette supports self-starters and offers a huge range of activities and opportunities if students are willing to seek them out. In fact, there are so many activities to get involved in, I suggest just focusing heavily in a few.

Who has been your favorite professor and why?
I don't think there is one professor that I could choose as a favorite. I have had many, many strong professors who have challenged and pushed me. I strongly believe that a professor plays a large part in how much a student enjoys a particular new subject, and because of the strength of the faculty at Willamette, many students have a hard time settling on one major! Although it's advertised in almost all of Willamette's mailings, the close relationships built between students and faculty here really set Willamette apart from many similar institutions.