Holocaust Survivor Visits Willamette University

Holocaust survivor Rachella "Chella" Kryszek will recount her life story in a free event Tuesday, April 17, at 7 p.m. in the Montag Den at Willamette University.

Kryszek was born in The Hague, Holland, in 1928. In 1940 the Nazis invaded Holland, and soon after the invasion, Kryszek and her family went into hiding. At the age of 15, the Gestapo captured Kryszek and her family. For one and a half years, she and her sister endured seven different concentration camps, including Auschwitz.

Kryszek's story echoes the story of Anne Frank -- same age, same country, same trauma -- but Kryszek survived to personally tell her story.

She is deeply committed to the lessons that came out of the Holocaust and she is devoted to the belief that the voices of the Holocaust should never be silent or fall on deaf ears. For more than 25 years, Kryszek has traveled extensively throughout the Northwest, speaking to schools and groups about her experience. Kryszek's story is represented in books, audio tapes and video tapes, which have been placed in Holocaust resource centers and libraries around the country.