Tokyo International University of America Hosts Closing Ceremony

Tokyo International University of America (TIUA) will honor 144 students Friday, Dec. 18, during its annual closing ceremony.

The ceremony is at 4 p.m. in Hudson Hall, Mary Stuart Rogers Music Center. The event is the culmination of a year of intense English and American studies courses for students from Tokyo International University (TIU) in Japan, who learn from TIUA and Willamette faculty members.

The event also commemorates the 20th anniversary of TIUA. The partnership between Willamette and TIU promotes global learning and allows for exchange of students and faculty between Japan and Salem.

Attendees at the ceremony from TIU will include President Takayoshi Arai; Professor Hiroyuki Myouki, vice chair of the International Exchange Committee; and Chie Omorai, associate director of the TIU International Exchange Center. Willamette President M. Lee Pelton and numerous Willamette faculty and staff members also plan to attend.