New York Times Magazine quotes Willamette law professor

The cover story in the latest issue of The New York Times Magazine poses a highly debated question: How Christian were the founders?

The question relates to the Texas State Board of Education's recent consideration of a new social studies curriculum that includes proposals to emphasize the religious influences on the nation's founding principles.

Willamette Law Professor Steven K. Green, director of Willamette's Center for Religion, Law and Democracy, flew to Texas in January to testify on the issue in front of the board.

According to The New York Times article, Green warned the board that "the Supreme Court has forbidden public schools from ‘seeking to impress upon students the importance of particular religious values through the curriculum.'"

The new standards would dictate what Texas K-12 students learn in class and could affect textbooks used by schools nationwide.

Green is a nationally known expert on church and state issues. Read more in his College of Law bio.