Willamette University Media Coverage Update

In the News

Physics professor Rick Watkins' work was referenced in a widely distributed article. "That team - which includes researchers Richard Watkins of Willamette University in Salem, Ore., Hume Feldman of the University of Kansas, and Michael Hudson of Canada's University of Waterloo - found a sampling of galaxies that also displayed a collective motion, which happened to be in the same direction as the dark flow measured by Kashlinsky and team."

Religious studies professor Fareeha Khan wrote a guest column about images of Muhammad. "These controversies illustrate the power of images within modern discourse. A simple picture may forever direct viewers' opinions and attitudes. The Danish depictions of Muhammad cemented the idea of Muslim intolerance as an inherent religious trait while bolstering Muslims' perceptions of a Western cultural assault."

Graduate School of Education's Rita Moore writes a column on teaching children to read. "In my 20 years of teaching literacy, I have found that reading conversations at home are one of the most powerful ways parents can help their children become confident, effective readers."

Steven Green, law professor and director of Center for Religion, Law and Democracy, wrote a guest column in The Oregonian about the Texas State Board of Education's efforts to rewrite textbook standards. "...the standards set by the Texas board are highly influential on textbook publishing nationwide due to that state's consolidated selection process. So look for a kinder, simpler version of history coming to your child's schoolbooks soon."

Green was also labeled a "Textbook Troublemaker" on Fox News. Because of his testimony at the Texas State Board of Education meeting, Green was listed among the group of "educrats" that wants "to attack every aspect of public school; they want to indoctrinate; they want to saturate and really infiltrate public education."

Willamette's Vocal Arts Ensemble's "Our Town" was featured. "Sydney Gabbard, a junior pursuing a bachelor's degree in music, will sing the part of Emily on Friday (George and Emily are double-cast, to give more students experience in leading roles).... ‘You're talking to someone who's very biased,' she said. ‘I think everything is better with music. That being said, I think there is something in the human voice that evokes things that are a mystery.'"

Willamette celebrates Sustainability Month. "Several events still are in the works, including several visual art displays and movie screenings, said Wendy Petersen, a Willamette history professor and co-chairwoman of the Sustainability Council, which organized the event. It all fits the council's mission to educate the Willamette community and beyond about sustainability, she said."

Art professor Heidi Preuss Grew was featured in the Statesman Journal. "Salem artist Heidi Preuss Grew puts what she learns abroad into art. Recent works she created after visiting Germany will show at Hallie Ford Museum next month."

Regence CEO writes about ethics and Willamette's Ethics Bowl win in The Portland Tribune. "Using the college bowl model, teams of three to five students deliberated a variety of case studies focusing on real-world ethical dilemmas that challenge analysis and decision-making skills. Approximately 50 business executives and community leaders served as judges and evaluated team arguments, ultimately awarding Willamette University the 2010 Ethics Bowl trophy for 2010."

Alumna Erin S. Greenawald becomes domestic violence prosecutor for the Oregon Department of Justice. "The position is a new one at the Oregon Department of Justice and is modeled after the state's approach to prosecuting drunken driving cases. Greenawald will lead the agency's training efforts and provide technical and legal assistance to prosecutors and police officers around the state."

The Register-Guard interviewed alumnus Eric Forrest about running a PepsiCo franchise. "Question: When did you complete your MBA from Willamette University? Answer: I graduated in 1994. At the same time, Kristin did the master's of arts and teaching program at Willamette, so we were going to school together. (She) was (in) a one-year program, and then she could support me (in my) second year. I had intentions of doing the joint degree program and getting a law degree also, but our eldest daughter happened along."

The Seatte Times interviewed Boeing CEO, alumnus Jim Albaugh. "Jim Albaugh, chief executive of Boeing Commercial Airplanes, said Monday that even though the company is creating a new 787 Dreamliner assembly line in South Carolina, Washington state is his preferred location for building future airplanes."

From the Web

Jeff Weber named Hertz Fellow. "The award, which supports up to five years of graduate studies, is the nation's most generous doctoral fellowship. Stanford, Harvard, Caltech, Princeton, MIT and Columbia are recruiting Weber for their graduate programs, but he is still deciding where to continue his research."

Willamette names commencement speakers for the College of Liberal Arts. "Peabody Award-winning writer Scott Simon will deliver the commencement address and will receive an honorary doctorate in humane letters. Willamette will also award an honorary doctorate in humane letters to anthropologist Sarah Hrdy and an honorary doctorate in science to chemical engineer Robert Langer."

Wind turbine project teaches students about renewable energy. "The turbine sat atop Collins Science Center during the fall semester, and now it resides at Zena Forest, Willamette's outdoor research station. The goal is for the turbine to power electrical fences and an irrigation system for a student-run farm. ‘I hope this project will not only symbolize sustainable development at Willamette, but also spark the imagination of our community,' Bennett says."

History professor William Smaldone tells the stories of Social Democrats who confronted Hitler. "Full of relevant historical context, the book explores the constraints and political choices these leaders made in the shadow of Hitler's chancellorship and their struggle for political freedom and social justice. The book examines how circumstances and events shaped party leaders' perspectives and decisions."

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