Summer program trains students in sustainable agriculture

Willamette University is hosting a summer program at Zena Farm to give students hands-on experience working with agriculture in a sustainable environment.

The program, May 17-June 25, includes two for-credit academic courses, hands-on workshops and field experience.

Students will learn the challenges and benefits to establishing a sustainable farming system, implement farming techniques such as integrated pest management, and participate in workshops on topics like cheese-making, beekeeping, canning and seed-saving.

The academic classes are an Interdisciplinary Studies course titled "The Effects of Agriculture on Biodiversity: Impacts Beyond the Farm Field," and an Environmental Science course titled "Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Sustainable Agriculture." Students earn 2.0 Willamette credits upon completion.

Zena Farm is located in Zena Forest, Willamette's outdoor research station near Salem. A joint student and faculty project between the Alternative Agriculture Community and the Center for Sustainable Communities, the farm provides food to Willamette's Goudy Commons.

For more about the costs of the program and how to apply, visit the Summer Sustainable Agriculture Program website, or contact Jennifer Johns, associate director of sustainable agriculture programs, at