Willamette law professor provides expertise regarding medical marijuana case

Willamette University College of Law professor Keith Cunningham-Parmeter provided his expertise for an Associated Press article this week on the Oregon Supreme Court's ruling that an employer is not required to accommodate a worker's use of medical marijuana.

According to the article -- which was picked up by The New York Times, BusinessWeek and Forbes, among others -- the court ruled that "state law is trumped by federal law that classifies pot as an illegal drug."

In the case, a worker who was fired after telling his boss he used doctor-approved medical marijuana filed a discrimination claim against his employer, arguing the company did not make a reasonable accommodation for a disability.

Cunningham-Parmeter said the court went farther than needed to resolve the question of accommodation.

"I think this is a shot across the bow to supporters of medical marijuana or expanded legalization movements in Oregon or in other states," he said in the article.

Cunningham-Parmeter is an expert in employment and immigration law whose research focuses primarily on the contingent workforce. Learn more about him on the College of Law site.

Read the article on The New York Times website.