Select October 2011 media clips

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President Thorsett discusses Willamette with the Statesman Journal editorial board. “With its lovely campus across from the Oregon Capitol, Willamette physically is an anchor of downtown Salem. Financially, Willamette is a major employer, as well as a contributor to the tourism/hospitality industry, including the hundreds of family members and friends who are in town today for Family Weekend. Intellectually and culturally, Willamette is a spark for civic discourse and a center for engagement with the arts.”

Jane Goodall discusses her work and the power of youth. “Jane Goodall came to Salem’s Willamette University Friday night for a chat. Before a sold-out crowd at the university’s Smith Auditorium, she talked about her years of research as a primatologist, her conservation and peace work, and her efforts to empower youth. Joining her on stage was David Miller, host of Oregon Public Broadcasting’s ‘Think Out Loud.’”

English professor Scott Nadelson’s work is lauded. “Nadelson’s first collection of short stories, ‘The Cantor’s Daughter,’ won the Samuel and Sons Fiction Prize for Emerging Jewish Writers and the Reform Judaism Fiction Prize. His second collection, ‘Saving Stanley: The Brickman Stories,’ won the Oregon Book Award for Short Fiction and the Great Lakes Colleges Association New Writers Award. He teaches creative writing at Willamette University and lives in Salem.”

Theatre’s SMASH is popular with prominent local blogs. “If you live in the Salem, Oregon area and enjoy going to plays, check out the Willamette University Theatre offerings. For a long time my wife and I had season tickets to Pentacle Theatre, but we came to yearn for edgier, less predictable plays.”

Center for Religion, Law and Democracy’s Steven Green writes about faith and public office. “The religious faith of our public officeholders should not be a matter of political debate. In fact, the nation's framers wisely placed in the Constitution a prohibition on any religious qualification for public office-holding. They understood, from their experience with religious establishments, that a person's faith -- or lack thereof -- should not disable anyone from public service.”

AGSM’s Rob Wiltbank considers super angel investors’ lessons. “‘When asked what they had learned from their investments, without prompting, and without hesitation, every single super angel stated that they were much better at reading people and understanding the risks and potential that the individuals and team dynamics bring to the mix,’ Dr. Wiltbank says. ‘Their position on people was quite common: big passion required and absolutely ‘no quitters, no liars, and no jerks.’”

Alumna and Bearcat swimmer Joni Young aims for the English Channel. “Young graduated from North Salem High School and Willamette University before going to dental school at Oregon Health & Science University. She swam competitively at North Salem and Willamette…Her ultimate goal is a solo swim of the English Channel, which Young describes as the Mount Everest of distance swimming. Young hopes to tackle the 21-mile challenge in 2013.”

National Association of Broadcasters CEO Gordon Smith appoints College of Law alumna Kelly Cole to Executive Vice President. “Prior to her work with the Committee on Energy & Commerce, Cole was an associate with the Washington, D.C. law firm Preston Gates Ellis & Rouvelas Meeds, which is now K&L Gates. Cole, who comes from Oregon and California, is a member of the state bars of the District of Columbia, Oregon, and Washington state. She received her J.D. in 1996 from Willamette University College of Law, her B.A. from Mills College, and spent a year studying law at the London School of Economics.”

Trustee and alumnus Kerry Tymchuk is named executive director of the Oregon Historical Society. “‘I’m honored by the confidence the OHS Board of Trustees has placed in me, and I look forward to working with them and with all Oregonians to ensure that the best days of OHS are truly yet to come,’ Tymchuk says. The great-great-grandson of Oregon pioneers, Tymchuk is a native Oregonian who earned both his bachelor’s degree in history and law degree at Willamette University.”