WU student fuels her obsession for Japanese history through scholarship

Elizabeth Poujade-Scott ’13 has been awarded a Freeman-ASIA Scholarship to study Japanese history in Japan.

The Freeman-Asia program is administered through the Institute for International Education — which also administers the Fulbright grant program — and provides need-based funding to study abroad in East or Southeast Asia.

Poujade-Scott is pursuing a double major in Japanese and history, and she will join Tokyo International University’s Japanese Studies Program in Kawagoe, Japan for the fall semester.

For Poujade-Scott, the experience offers a chance to give back to the community — a value embodied by her family and Willamette University’s own motto, “Not unto ourselves alone are we born.”

“My mother instilled that giving back to the community is not only rewarding, but a prerequisite for being human,” Poujade-Scott says.

“When I return from my study in Japan, I will put forth a service project to encourage local interest in studying abroad in Asia. I will be using my love for Japanese history as a basis for this project.”

Learning about Japanese history is not only a hobby but an obsession, Poujade-Scott says, which is why she’s tremendously grateful for the chance to further her education on the subject.

“This award, and the work that it allows me to do, will be a learning experience that will do me good,” she says.

After she graduates from Willamette, Poujade-Scott plans to attend graduate school to pursue a doctorate in Japanese history.

Part of her study-abroad experience is supported by an award from the Bridging Scholarship Foundation.

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