July 2014 News

Katy Giombolini '10 finds value in promoting sustainable agriculture

She helped found Zena Farm at Willamette. Now Katy Giombolini '10 works to promotes local foods.

Lynda Barry discusses creativity at convocation address Aug. 22

American cartoonist and author Lynda Barry is delivering the convocation speech Aug. 22.


Loos earns NCAA Postgraduate Scholarship

The 10th Bearcat winner since '05, he'll study chemical engineering at Columbia University.


Theatre announces 2014-15 season

Dramas, comedies and musicals are showing at Willamette from late September through early May.


3.4 in a Million – Applying Lessons From Greatness

Associate Professor Henry H. Bi explores exceptional organizational performance.

Through consortium, Northwest colleges launch a three-campus course

Foodsystems Northwest course connects colleges, students and sustainable agriculture.


Evolving — and Solving — the Mystery of Nature’s Relationships

Through a research trip to Nevada, biology professor Chris Smith enriches learning for his students.

Ringold Represents Atkinson at COPRA Annual Meeting

Supporting schools seeking accreditation for public service education.

Willamette's personal atmosphere noted in Fiske Guide to Colleges

The university is lauded for its personal atmosphere and engaged professors.