Associated Students of Willamette University

Senate 15-16

Fellow students,

I am writing to you in response to the resignation of Shamir Cervantes as ASWU President. As per by the ASWU constitution, I will be serving as Interim President until new officers are sworn in next week.

Although my time in this position is brief, I intend to serve with energy and enthusiasm, guided by a vision of transparency and integrity in order to make Willamette a more inclusive space for all members of our community.

Among my duties in the coming weeks, I will represent the student body at the May 13–14 meeting of the Board of Trustees, nominate students to serve on committees and groups in the upcoming academic year, and continue meeting with students to hear their thoughts on campus issues.

Shortly after Shamir's resignation, ASWU Senate passed a resolution expressing our view that there must be a conversation about transparency and student inclusion in University governance that extends beyond this semester. This has been a tumultuous year at Willamette, and I encourage our community not to lose sight of our values. As difficult as these conversations might be, they come from a place of love — for each other, this community, and all that we do here.

If you are interested in meeting with me, I have regular office hours that can be viewed here.

Not unto ourselves alone are we born,

Becca Brownlee
Interim ASWU President