Senate Committees

All ASWU Senators are required to serve on at least one committee. It is through these committees that ASWU is able to voice the needs of the student body through various oversight processes.

Whips are the chairs for their respective class senate cohorts, and facilitate weekly caucus meetings to assure their class is informed of Senate discourse. In these meetings, whips discuss the agenda, form questions for guests, and talk about what they have to say about different items of discussion so they are able to speak to different opinions of the class in a clear and concise manner. Whips are also in charge of class outreach regarding general senate information.


Kristen Kittelson (Chair), Kate Steffy (‘17), Joseph Landoni (‘18), Nate Dausman (‘19), Kylah Clay (‘20)

The Public Outreach Committee is the main line of communication between ASWU and the Willamette Community. This committee is responsible for updating ASWU social media pages and its website so that students are well-informed. It is important that students are aware of senate projects, the work the Senate is doing with administrators, and how well the Senate is generally serving its constituency.


Adrian Uphoff (Chair), Todd Denning (‘17), Luz Renya (‘17), Michael Chen (‘18), Miyano Sato (ASP), Grace Gautereaux (‘20).

The External Programs Committee (EPC) oversees the management of the various external programs on campus. These groups include WEB, the Collegian,and ASWU Sound. Due to the extensive services these programs offer to the student body, external programs are allocated a large portion of the ASWU budget and enjoy a fair level of autonomy. It is the job of the EPC to approve the WEB and Collegian budgets and help these groups navigate the ASWU budget structure. The EPC committee also ensures that these groups work efficiently to serve the proper needs of students. The managers of the external programs present to the EPC on a rotating basis.


Liz Gill (Chair), Andrea Risolo (‘17), Nate Dausman (‘19), Johnson Pham (‘20), Kotma Anjain (‘20).

The ASWU Club Approval Committee:

New clubs and organizations are approved by ASWU’s Club Approval Committee. This committee is advised by the Associate Director of Student Activities, Emily Morris, and meets once a week. During these meetings, the Club Approval Committee reviews applications and documents submitted by new groups looking to become official clubs or organizations. Senators on this committee typically also serve in the ASWU Finance Board.

The ASWU Finance Board:

Financial requests that are less than $1,500 and made by student clubs and organizations are reviewed by ASWU’s Finance Board. This board is headed by the ASWU Treasurer, accompanied by other ASWU senators, and meets three times every semester. During these meetings, the Finance Board analyzes budget requests alongside ASWU Finance Precedents to ensure that relevant and equitable funds are provided to all requesting clubs and organizations.


Dana Morita (Chair), Anna Carlin (‘17), Jack Wellman (‘18), Daniel Pekich (‘18), Conrad Bormann (‘19), Gianina Lyons (‘19), Akerah Mackey (‘19)
Colin Troesken (‘20).

University Committees

Information will be posted soon.