Climber of the Month

The climber this week is: Sasha Digiulian

(Last month: Alex Honnold)


Sasha does everything from speed climbing competitions to bouldering to putting up first ascents. Sasha is the youngest (18) woman and first and only north american woman to climb the 5.14d grade. Besides being an amazing climber and representing women in a male-dominated sport Sasha is also incredibly smart. She is a full-time student at Colombia University. One funny quirk of Shasha's that makes her even more of a bad-ass however is that almost everything she owns is pink officially destroying that stereotype forever. Sasha is a climbing beast check out her ascent of "Pure Imagination" 5.14d that she climbed at age 18 here!


We think rock climbing is an awesome sport and we hope you do to! This "club" serves as a community for climbers of all different talent ranges that want to get out there and climb as much as possible!


BREAKING NEWS- We might (this is not set in stone) possibly get a new bouldering wall in Montag!!!