Your Officers for KCPC 2011

Co-Chairs:  Kelley Van Hook, Katherine Lum

Fun Chair: Joslin Schultz

Treasurers: Adrienne Higashida, Matthew Tom

Website Coordinator: Matthew Tom

Secretary: Christian Liu

ARM Chairs: Sarah Weis, Jaime Wong

Our Meetings

We meet every Wednesday at 9:00 PM in Kaneko's Rainbow Lounge.  Feel free to drop in if you have any ideas or just want to say hi!

Who We Are

Our Mission Statement (Vision):

The following points below make up the mission statement of the Kaneko Partnership Committee. 

  1. To deconstruct the wall between Kaneko and our South East Salem neighborhood.
  2. To establish long term relationships, partnerships, and ultimately friendships with the South East Salem community.
  3. To uplift and support already established organizations in our community by contributing to their visions and goals.
  4. To reflect on all parts of participation with the community to better ourselves as people and as an organization.
  5. To promote the value that being a Kaneko resident includes being an active community member.
  6. To enjoy participating with others outside of the Kaneko Commons and have fun fulfilling our active duty as community members.
  7. To not allow the above vision to be expressed only in community service – but to continue to explore creative ways to partner outside of service alone. (We are not a service committee!)

How it looks in…


  1. Heighten awareness of the world around us
  2. Knowing the needs of our outside community and holding up our responsibilities as part of the community
  3. Welcoming outside community into Kaneko Commons.
  4. Unifying all three wings of Kaneko Commons.


  1. Listening is key.
  2. Communicating with community, building relationships with active community members.
  3. Trust- being accountable for and following through with our commitments to our community and partners.
  4. Want to be here, not just because you feel it’s an obligation
  5. Create a new framework that goes past and beyond service.

Willamette University: 

  1. Recruit people from the main campus who want to help.
  2. Raising awareness of the world around us, seeing that there is more than just our secluded bubble surrounding WU, and break through that bubble