April 29: Kaneko Rummage Sale!

Come to the annual Spring Rummage Sale on April 29, 2012 from 11 AM to 4 PM in the Kaneko Atrium.

Those who wish to sell used items will have to pay $2 for a space to sell.  This marginal cost will be donated to the local community.

For more information, please email Kelley Van Hook at <kmvanhoo> or Justin Uegawa at <juegawa>.

Sellers can sign up during dinner in Goudy Commons where KCPC members will be tabling.

T-Shirt Designs- Submit Now!

If you are interested in designing a shirt, let Kelley <kmvanhoo> or Katherine <klum> ASAP. 

Come To Our Next Meeting!

We have a meeting every Wednesday at 9 PM in the Rainbow Lounge (Lobby of Kaneko). Please feel free join us anytime. Please bring ideas for future projects or events or just come to listen in!


The Kaneko Community Partnership Committee started in the Fall of 2009 by a small group of Community Mentors (CMs) and amazing first year residents of Kaneko. We are deeply invested in building and maintaining relationships with the South-East Salem community, and we are always looking for new members and new connections.  Come to one of our meetings held every Wednesday at 9:00 PM in Kaneko's Rainbow Lounge to see what we're all about!