Chair Positions

Emily Morris

Louiza Easley and Peter Warrick

Annual Events - Amala Hernandez and Ellen Rumley
The annual events chair is responsible for programming established yearly events such as Black Tie and Midnight Breakfast.  Additionally Annual Events often programs "Off the Block" events where tickets to events outside the Willamette community are purchased and students are transported to enjoy these events.

ASP Ambassadors - Ai Imaizumi, Sarika Iwamoto, and Moeka Yoshida
The ASP Ambassadors are responsible for serving as a liasion between the Willamette Events Board and the ASP students, and to plan events that promote friendship between American students and ASP students. Addtionally the ambassador is responsible for planning one campus wide event in the Fall.

Awareness, Discussion, and Dialogue - Jesse Sanchez
The Awareness, Discussion, and Dialogue chair is responsible for coordinating lectures, speakers, games, and activities that pertain to a wide array of controversial issues and topics that affect the Willamette Community. Their goal is to provide a neutral perspective of several topics that enhance and make use of the social and educational programs at Willamette.

Campus and Social Events - Jeff Decker and Madalyn Gordon
The campus events chairs are responsible for bringing the major performers to campus such as the magicians, mentalists, comedians, etc. The Campus Events chair also is in charge of larger events such as Willamette's Got Talent.

Marketing Team - Dana Morita, Devon O'Donnell, and Lucas Immer

Social Media Management: Devon O'Donnell

The social media management chair is responsible for assisting other chairs with aspects of publicity and advertising through electronic means. This includes managing Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, (Twitter and Instagram the day of the event constantly during set-up, and the first half of the event; Facebook 1-2 times per week with event pages, WEB Facebook page, and once before the event starts) the WEB website, drafting emails through Mailchimp to be sent to all campus, updating the University Events Calendar and WEB google calendar, managing information to the Bearcat Bulletin, and submitting requests to the Toilet Paper.

Graphic Design Management: Dana Morita

The graphic design management chair is responsible for assisting other chairs with aspects of publicity and advertising through non-media channels. This includes poster design/graphics (with availability to Adobe Creative Suite) to be used by the social media management chair; managing the Art Wall and Art Wall schedule; creating unconventional and creative publicity (i.e. a giant black tie for Black Tie, condoms with information for the sex lecturer, paper horses on spokes in the grass for Carousel Night, etc.); creating flyers; business cards; other small handouts to give to students; and other creative publicity. 

Brand Management: Lucas Immer

The brand management position is responsible for increasing the brand awareness of WEB on campus, garnering feedback and suggestions from the student body and WEB event attendees. This includes running Willamette Wednesdays (coming up with prizes and using it to increase brand awareness and publicity for WEB), executing audience analysis on students through survey and a variety of other methods, manage the “street team” (committee), increase branding at WEB events. 

Performing Arts - Katy Ohsiek and Morgan del Fierro

The performing arts chair is responsible for programming events relating to the field of performing arts. These include but are not limited to bands, spoken word artists, dance shows and movies.