Parents Advisory Council

The Parents Advisory Council (PAC) is a dedicated group of Willamette University parents who volunteer to help advance the mission of the College of Liberal Arts. Since 2004, the PAC has grown steadily and is involved in a number of activities.  In recent years, PAC members have made welcome calls to new parents, assisted with student and alumni career networking, helped us organize events and served as a focus group for University leaders. PAC members make leadership gifts for the College of Liberal Arts, providing resources across campus to enhance student academic opportunities.

PAC 2012

Current Members

Tami and Bruce Abeloe P'13
Medford, OR

Karla Albright and Chris Burkhart P’15
Los Gatos, CA

Gus and Kelly Altuzarra P’14
Laguna Niguel, CA

Jane Berger P'15
Orinda, CA

Tina Byrd P’15
Studio City, CA

Kate and Vincent Cahill P’13
Maplewood, NJ

Chuck and Charlotte Carpenter P’14 -- Chair
Reno, NV

Steve and Brooke Coutre
Stanford, CA

Veva Eickelberg, P'10, P'12
Paradise Valley, AZ

Helen Fanucci P'14
Mercer Island, WA

Konrad "Chip" Kruger and Lisa Warren-Kruger P'15, P'16
Riverside, CT

Jon and Katherine Lauer P’15
San Diego, CA

Jayne and Russ Piazza P'16
Missoula, MT

Mark Schrimp and Teresa Braun P'14
Portland, OR

Renee Vebell and Jeff Cohen P'15
Hanover, NH

Joseph Zanetta P'16
Altadena, CA

Join the PAC

If you are interested in joining the PAC, please contact the Office of Alumni and Parent Relations at, or office director James Lippincott at or 503-375-5439.