Areas of Current Focus:

  1. Contributing financially to the college, or facilitating financial contributions of others (e.g., non-PAC parents, family members, alumni).
  2. Participating in career-related programs for students and alumni (e.g., hosting interns, granting informational interviews, hiring recent graduates)
  3. Communicating on behalf of the university with parents and families of students (e.g., open letters to the community, monitoring parent blogs and newsgroups, maintaining social media outlets)
  4. Providing feedback and other information to the university form the perspective of parents (e.g., evaluation of parent and student orientation programs, participation in focus groups, engagement in generative dialog regarding planning efforts)
  5. Supporting admissions efforts (e.g., hosting events, speaking with prospective students and their families, or calling deposited students)
  6. Volunteering at campus events (e.g., staffing parent hospitality rooms, participating in parent panels)