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Gale LucasGale Lucas

Lucas Honored by American Psychological Association

Gale Lucas, a sophomore majoring in psychology at Willamette University, has been selected by the American Psychological Association to be one of this year's Summer Science Institute fellows. From the 400 plus applications it receives from across the nation, the APA selects 32 sophomores to participate in a nine-day intensive research experience in the field. Students are selected on the basis of college GPA, SAT scores, experience in psychology and dedication to the science of psychology. Lucas is the third Willamette University psychology major to apply for and be accepted to the program.

Lucas, whose parents Scott and Linda Lucas are both physicians, has always been interested in science and thought she'd pursue a career as a doctor or a veterinarian. "In high school, I explored biology, chemistry and physics," says Lucas. "At Willamette, I took my first class in psychology and knew I'd found my passion. In psychology, I can mix my love of the scientific method while exploring the human mind."

This year, Lucas and other SSI fellows will gather June 14-22 at Washington University in St. Louis, MO. Students must review a thick packet of materials before they arrive for the Summer Institute.

"At SSI, I will learn from some of the top professors in several areas of psychology," says Lucas, who plans to pursue a Ph.D. in psychology after she graduates from Willamette University. "I'm really excited to dive into this opportunity."