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March Profiles

Rising Leader U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski JD’85 has made a name for herself in the Senate’s Republican ranks.


Is Study Abroad Sustainable? Professor Nathan Sivers Boyce gives his perspective for an Inside Higher Ed article on study abroad programs’ environmental impact.


Interns Pick Up Political Experience Interns Pick Up Political Experience at the Capitol


The Economics of Fishing Exploring the Economics of Fishing


Student Athletes Score At Willamette you might meet a rower who plays brilliant cello, or a track star sprinting toward a career in medicine.


'Where Are My Nurses?' How does America’s health care system relate to a nurse shortage in Ghana? Sarah Kutten ’09 uses her undergraduate research grant from Willamette to reveal a surprising connection.


Dedicated to Philanthropy Dedicated to Philanthropy: Alumni Rank Tenth in Nation for Peace Corps Service