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For a Lifetime

Guy Stephenson

“For a Lifetime,” a phrase coined by Alumni Association board member Jack Brown ’51, is the theme of a two-year initiative by the board to show students and alumni that their relationship with Willamette doesn’t end with graduation. Jack is living proof of this sentiment. Having just completed a six-year tenure on the board, he continues to participate in events, planning and giving, even 55 years after graduation.

Heading into the second year of this initiative, the Alumni Association has established several avenues to share the “For a Lifetime” message:

  • Our Career Support Committee has worked closely with Nancy Norton, Willamette’s director of career development, to assist students as they prepare to enter the job market. Events such as Mentor Day and the Etiquette Dinner have been well-received by students for providing the skills, advice and encouragement they need to take that first step on their new career paths.
  • Our Campus Relations Committee is building a connection with the Willamette Events Board (WEB), a group run and supported by students to organize and promote social and educational events. We’re working with WEB to find activities of mutual interest in the coming year. We hope this will include an invitation for alumni to join in a round of campus golf!
  • We have also raised some seed money to create a small discretionary fund for the board to use to jumpstart new initiatives.

As we prepare for 2006-07, we pay tribute to Jim Booth ’64, director of the Office of Alumni and Parent Relations for the past 17 years, as he takes on new assignments as senior director. While there is not enough space to list Jim’s accomplishments here, board members past and present recognize his hard work and dedication in making the Alumni Board a success. Thank you, Jim.

As always, we welcome your suggestions and participation. If you’re interested in joining the alumni board, drop me a line at gcstephenson@comcast.net. See you next year!

Guy Stephenson ’73
Alumni Association President