Willamette University

Managing Editor's Note

We know that our alumni are among Willamette’s greatest resources, and the submissions you’ve sent us about your personal turning points are proof positive.

And they have me thinking.

The idea of a turning point really has a couple of facets. Most of the time a turning point amounts to some kind of event, or a realization. Often life’s turning points generate momentum and take us in new, exciting directions. Sometimes, though, as we’ve seen in light of the current economy, turning points can be a little less inspiring. A lost job, a drop in revenue — these are the things that temper those upswings. Unfortunately, we’ve seen our share of the latter in recent months. Just about everyone has.

Despite trying times, we’re lucky that those who have managed the business of Willamette have done so mindfully. The university is healthy, and we continue looking ahead to growth and promising new developments. But the foundation we stand on now didn’t just happen: It took years of planning and careful decision making.

Maybe all of this hints at a more subtle kind of turning point — the kind that takes a while. In a sense, I think, this touches on the value of the Willamette experience in the first place. Not every catalyst in our lives comes in a single moment. To the contrary, those who are able to succeed over time will have demonstrated — just as this university has — the value in making mindfulness a habit. For often we can look behind us and see great change, even if that change was the result of constant nudging instead of just a couple of critical moments.

Keep pushing.

Denise Callahan ’95, MBA’00
Senior Director of Alumni Relations