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Career Network: Tools For a Changing Landscape

It’s no secret that the economy has thrown the job market into a tailspin, and alumni from colleges and universities around the country have been affected by the turmoil. But they’ve also found that some of the same old adages are especially true in tough times: Build your connections, know how to market yourself, search intelligently and persevere.

This is where the new Career Network comes in. In the past six months we have revamped entirely how the Career Network works and the resources it offers. It is now as robust as ever, and an introduction to the new features can serve as an appropriate primer as you — or people you know — embark on a job search.

The Compass

The Compass provides the architecture within which many of our Career Network utilities reside. Most prominently, it houses the career advisor program, which allows alumni (and even current upperclassmen) to access the breadth of experience within our alumni base.

If you would like to give back by sharing your career experiences with other alumni, please sign up to be a career advisor at The Compass.

You can customize the level of your involvement and tell us specifically which areas of inquiry (e.g. job transitions or helping with mock interviews) pique your interest.

Find the career advisor program at The Compass.


CareerBeam can be thought of as “home base” for anyone engaged actively in the job search or professional development process. It is a suite of tools offering alumni and current students self-assessments; job triggers, which are personalized notices sent to users when job postings fit their interests and skills; company intelligence and research; and an international database of companies, trends and background information providing the detail needed to stand out from the pack.

It also, of course, serves as a portal for job postings, consolidating many of the most notable online job search tools into a single utility.

Find this resource on the Career Network homepage: www.willamette.edu/alumni/career_network.

The Modern Professional’s Career Guide

This extremely popular workshop morphed last year from a one-time event to a recurring series that took the Career Network throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Stacey Lane, associate director of alumni and career networking, initiated the program as a way to give local alumni face-to-face consultations on the realities and trends of managing a job search. Look for more events in the near future.

Find this resource on the Career Network homepage: www.willamette.edu/alumni/career_network.

Job Search 2.0 Webinar Series

The Career Network has offered two webinars (and counting) aimed at giving alumni background on using social media tools, such as Facebook and LinkedIn, in a job search. It is no longer enough just to know what these tools are; effective job searches now hinge on learning to leverage social media deliberately and wisely. We will be holding more events like the Job Search 2.0 Webinars to keep you informed on the latest trends and tools.

In the meantime, listen to the first two webinars online at the Career Network website.

Find this resource on the Career Network homepage: www.willamette.edu/alumni/career_network.

You’re Doing What WithYour Degree?

Now a recurring program at the Career Network, “You’re Doing What With Your Degree?” is a showcase of alumni who have followed interesting — and often unconventional — career paths.

Is one of your peers doing something unexpected with his or her degree? Let us know by nominating him or her at the Career Network website. We’ll be following up to gather votes for this year’s nominees.

Find this resource on the Career Network homepage: www.willamette.edu/alumni/career_network.

We’re Here to Help

We know the relevance of alumni career resources is tied to being current, adaptable and personalized.

These are our ideals — helping you find tangible benefit along your career path is our goal. Contact the Career Network at careernetwork@willamette.edu, or 503-370-6748.

Our homepage is www.willamette.edu/alumni/career_network.

Stacey Lane