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Behind the Scenes

Do you recognize these photographs? Remember some of these people?

If so, we’d like to know. Please send recollections or comments to scene@willamette.edu or call 503-375-5304. We’ll incorporate your feedback into the university’s records. We’ll also share what we learn in a future edition of The Scene.

Additionally, if you would like to send in historical photos from your own collection, we’d be happy to add them to our database. We’ll return any printed photos to you.

Winter 2009 Reader Responses

Miriam (Day) Wicks ’46 was the first to respond to last issue’s photos, informing us that it was Lorlei (Blatchford) Cayton ’22 who sat (second from the left) smiling among the other white-clad women in the top picture. Harlan Wilson ’64 picked out Jim Booth ’64 and Dan Kessler ’65 in the middle-left picture, and Robert Foster ’72, MBA’76 helped explain the ’70s-era spiral staircase shot: It was Putnam University Center’s original staircase. The furniture in the picture, he says, “did not arrive for 1–2 months after the building’s opening, supposedly because the train it was on derailed and the car fell into the Mississippi River.”