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Kim Bamberg ‘99

It isn’t often that an artist who doesn’t even pretend to be a trained writer is approached by a major publisher to do a book. But that’s what happened to Kim Bamberg ‘99.

Bamberg has made a living for the last decade as a photographer for hire — for weddings, portraits, fashion and anything else that tells a story. She works as a team with her husband, and together they’ve carved out a niche in Seattle’s churning and competitive photography scene.

“The wedding photography world is crazy,” she says. “I was lucky to get in at a time of transition.” She has thrived in an increasingly collaborative environment where everything from appointments to ideas tends to be shared between businesses. Whereas the old school of wedding photography was “very posed” and promoted secrecy, the new industry provides incentives for openness.

One of these incentives is visibility. Not only does Bamberg manage La Vie Photography, but, by virtue of cross-town connections, she also helped found Junebug Weddings, which has evolved into one of the top wedding planning websites in the country. Bamberg gives the website its visual punch.

“We started Junebug and things have exploded,” she says. “A press asked us to write a book about weddings — it’s part of a new series that’s intended to be a little more visually pleasing than the ‘for dummies’ books.” Readers can learn the nuts and bolts of everything from wedding planning to kitchen plumbing — all with style.

Bamberg took to photography naturally, but it took her a while to settle on it as a profession. “I graduated in 1999 and was a river raft guide in Montana. I came to Seattle without an idea of what I wanted to do.” But after a stint at a photography school and an inspiring six months living and taking pictures in France, she and her husband decided where they would head.

It has been a challenging success so far. “I’m definitely a product of Willamette,” Bamberg says. “Multitasking is a requirement.”

Visit La Vie Photography at laviephoto.com. Surf Junebug Weddings at junebugweddings.com.

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