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Bonus Pants - Dagny Haug ’92

Theatre Major > Financial Aid Assistant > Clothing Business Owner

Dagny Haug ‘92

Entrepreneurs wear many different suits. Sometimes they wear boxer shorts.

Dagny Haug ‘92 majored in theatre, but she’s not just a performer. She took a wide range of classes within the department — notably costume design — and used that training to do something interesting for a living. A creative streak and a knack for sewing led to Bonus Pants.

The company produces thought-provoking and humorous boxer short designs. These aren’t your ordinary boxers: Each pair is developed around a specific fabric, a theme and a witty name. “Crabbypants,” for example, is a top seller “suitable for cantankerous crustaceans” and features a series of agitated-looking crabs crawling around. “Liar Liar” uses fabric that looks like it’s on fire.

Despite the playfulness, Bonus Pants is a full-time job for Haug. She has become a consistent part of the Portland Saturday Market, where she does much of her selling, and she is mindful to keep her products affordable. A pair of hand-sewn boxers costs $18 — but, as her website points out, “that’s only $9 per leg!”

She continues to look to the future. “My theoretical favorite pair is called ‘Will Shortz,’” she says, thinking of National Public Radio’s weekly puzzle master. “But I’m still waiting for really good crossword fabric to be released.”

To see the rest of the collection, visit bonuspants.com.

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