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These remarks followed the email announcement we sent to our alumni the day after Senator Hatfield’s passing (see feature, p. 32). Regretfully, we don’t have space to fit all of the notes received; these were selected based on their order of receipt

Across the Aisle

Yes, I remember Mark well — and I am only 88 years old. Isn’t it great! We spent some very interesting times together, in spite of my being a damned Democrat. But Mark forgave that and we went right on. Too bad that the way he lived his legislative life is so dead today. I keep hoping.

— Joe F. Power ‘49

Senate and Scholarship

[Mark Hatfield] was truly a good man in politics and the best kind of Republican, of which there are few left now. I knew him while at Willamette as a political science major from 1947–51 and was privileged to be a senior scholar my last year and able to teach some of his classes while he was in his first year in the Oregon Legislature. He will be sorely missed. We need more like him today in the senate.

Respectfully and with fond memories and much admiration,

— John B. (Jack) Gunn ‘51

Nice Memories

Thank you for the letter regarding Mark Hatfield. I’m so glad that we all got to speak with him when we had our 50th class reunion and were able to honor him by our gift to the Mark O. Hatfield Library.

He was a very special man. When he spoke at my graduation from the OH SU School of Nursing in 1958 he had done his homework and commented to me about having been at Willamette when he was dean of students. Nice memories. Blessings,

— June (Christensen) Cline ‘57

Remember the Gift

Sadly, you didn’t mention the class of 1957 gift of $1.1 million to process and expand the archives and Hatfield Library building. It will be another important legacy of his distinguished life and career, as well as [a sign of] how his former students honor him.

— Carole (Pfaff) Von Schmidt ‘57

(With Carole’s help, we seized the opportunity to acknowledge the class of 1957’s gift — see p. 35 —Ed.)

In Service

Thank you for the note as to the passing of Senator Mark Hatfield. Your [email] comments did not include mention of his distinguished military service to our nation. His record in that regard makes his advocacy for peace all the more, not less, impressive. I hope WU has not become so PC that it has chosen to intentionally omit mention of his wartime service.

— Stanton F. Long JD ‘67

(Indeed, the senator’s military tenure is crucial and admirable; details are found at the Mark O. Hatfield tribute website: willamette.edu/people/hatfield. We thank Mr. Long for the appropriate reminder. —Ed.)

Email Thanks

What a thoughtful and appropriate use of our email system — thank you for the information about Senator Hatfield. I heard the reports on TV and radio, but this announcement meant so much more because it reminded me that Senator Hatfield belonged to our Willamette family.

— Arnold Poole JD ‘88

Fond Notes

As an alumna, I very much appreciate the recent notifications by alumni relations of the passing of both Professor Nacho Cordova, as well as Senator Hatfield. Although very sad events, I think many of us appreciate the effort made to keep us informed so that we may pay our respects to those individuals who shaped our education (and in the case of Nacho, were very dear friends).

— Brooke Ivy ‘07

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