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Giving Back

What’s Inside the Leadership Circle?

Willamette was proud to introduce its new giving society this year: the Leadership Circle. Created to involve and honor alumni and friends who demonstrate their commitment to Willamette with generous support of $2,500 or more annually, the Leadership Circle bears special opportunities for engagement with the university exclusive to its members.

In November and February, the university hosted its inaugural Leadership Circle events — exclusive receptions with New York Times reporter and author David Rohde and New York Times reporter and writer David Brooks — prior to both the fall and spring Atkinson Lectures. Leadership Circle members will continue to be offered unique opportunities to stay even further connected with the university.

By making a Leadership Circle gift, you lead Willamette’s philanthropic community in a special way, shaping the futures of students, faculty and all the other lives the university touches.

Your gift every year helps a student every day.

Each year, Willamette students celebrate the university’s many donors during Tuition Freedom Day, a symbolic recognition that tuition only covers two-thirds the actual cost of a Willamette education. Donations and other funding sources cover the difference.

Students gather in the University Center and Goudy Commons to write their reflections and notes of thanks. These messages speak to the crucial impact you and your classmates’ financial support has on current students — every day of the year.

We take this moment to thank you for making such an impact through your gift.

For more information and to learn more about becoming a part of the Leadership Circle, visit willamette.edu/support.

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