Willamette University

Behind the Scenes: Images of the Past

Special Content: Goudy Commons Historical Display

The photos below are part of a new campus initiative to share Willamette's history more graphically and publicly, and they currently occupy the walls in the Goudy Commons entryway. These displays rotate four times a year, and they always seem to make students and other passers-by linger.

Do you remember these photographs? Remember some of these people? As usual, we'd like to know. Please send recollections or comments to scene@willamette.edu or call 503-375-5304. We'll incorporate your feedback into the university's records. We'll also share what we learn in a future edition of The Scene.

Seeking photos

If you have Willamette shots from the 70s, 80s and 90s, we would love to add them to our collection. If digitized, just email them to us; otherwise, mail them in and we'll return them to you. Thank you!

Fall 2010 Reader Responses

The ROTC image last issue generated some great input. Larry Kimble '56, Jerry May '61, Roland Stewart '69 and Phil Meyers '69 all wrote in with memories of drill days on campus. Scott Mader '77 identified Mark Long '76 and Bill Stevens '77 as the furniture-piling culprits in the SAE hallway, and Jeanne (Robinson) Orders '48 identified the group shot of youngsters as taking place during the 1940s. Finally, Jill (Estes) Rice '96; Anastasia Meisner '94, JD'97; and Dave Kenagy recalled the flood picture and the effect the historic water flows had on the College of Law in 1996.