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Spring 2013 Reader Responses

Joe McClure ’64, Bob Mattson ’64 and Bill Webber ’64 Professor Frances Chapple

Barbara (Woodworth) Saigo ’64 was first to recognize the photo of the men with the butterfly nets. “It shows my classmates Joe McClure ’64, Bob Mattson ’64 and Bill Webber ’64 chasing Joan ‘Tiny’ (Douglas) Andersen ’63 … She was, truly, a diminutive person, plus she had a very fun personality, which helped to make the humor of the photo because at that time we all knew each other at WU. It was ‘all in the family.’ As in other majors, those of us in biology were pretty good friends, studied hard and had fun.” Mike Durrell ’64 and Dennis Drew ’64 corroborated.

Toombs ’64 and Jim Booth ’64 wrote that one of the net-carrying men could have been Jerry Juve ’65. Bob Mattson ’64 suspected that Joe McClure ’64 and Ron Fahl ’64 were actually the other men of action.

Steven Rapf ’70 spotted Professor Frances Chapple in the classroom shot.