Lost and Found: A Day in the Life, 1987

In November 1987, back when people took pictures on something called film, a group of students gathered to chronicle a day in the life of Willamette.

Each armed with a single roll and assigned one of the 24 hours, they filtered out around campus, conducted their lives, and grabbed snapshots of the normal, the quirky and the often-hidden.

Then the film disappeared for 20 years.

Eric Friedenwald-Fishman ’88 found it not long ago, startled by the memory of such a fun-but-forgotten undertaking, and wondered if it could even be developed after all this time.

“I took the film to a photo shop and they asked if it had been stored in a refrigerator because the images all turned out more than 20 years after being shot,” he says. “They were actually stored in the next best thing: a shopping bag in a box in another box that was lost in the dark basements of five different houses.”

And so we have the results of these intrepid students today. It’s good timing, too, since this year is the class of ’88’s 25th reunion.

Here’s hoping that these might stir up some memories in September.

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