Photo Essay

Photos and text by Frank Miller

Fall at Willamette can pass by in an instant. The trees start to turn, and then the wind picks up and scrapes them clean in just a few days.

This year, however, we were given a chance to reflect on the season’s change with a gentle transition from fall into winter.

Starting in October, the campus became a firestorm of color as the leaves traded their green for a blaze of oranges, reds, and yellows. Then, as winter took its place, mornings were cloaked in mist, then frost, and then ice.

Winter draws out the essence of what makes Willamette what it is, from the traditional to the spontaneous.

Once again, Salem braved the cold to sing carols, drink cocoa, and watch the Star Trees lighting. And, as during the rest of the year, the weather also became an opportunity for Willamette students to show off their ingenuity and inventiveness. When the morning brought unexpected snow, by afternoon a mass snowball fight, with cocoa and s’mores, had been organized.