Behind the Scenes: Images of the Past

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Fall 2013 Reader Responses


(1) Quite a few people recognized the beloved Willamette figures in the large photo last issue. They are, of course, members of the Office of Admission circa the 1970s: from left to right, Dennis Reese ’73, Buzz Yocom, John West ’73, Frank Meyer, Al Berglund. Sitting is longtime Director of Admission Teresa (Krug) Hudkins ’69. Michael McKiernan ’74; Jay Jamieson ’75; Robert Foster ’72; Paula Schuster ’72; Katherine Schlick Noe ’74; Bob Woodle ’63; Joan Whipple Reese ’75, JD’79; Nancy Wolff ’71; Scott Greenwood ’83; Leslie Hall ’76; Lisa Meyer ’86; and Kay Barckley ’74 all contributed their memories of these folks.

.(2) This colorful photo jogged a memory, too: Brian Torres ’97 reports that the guy is Andreau Blanchard ’99, “one of the most outgoing, personable, and funniest people I’ve ever met.”