Salem Resources

Salem Pride

The Salem Pride website holds a variety of local resources ranging from LGBT events to specialized support groups.  Information on the annual Capitol Pride held in Salem can also be found here.

Salem Transgender Network

The network offers an online system of resources for the transgender community, listing transgender friendly businesses, as well as opportunities to facilitate group activities.

Portland Q Center

Through giving a broadened perspective on LGBTQ+ individuals, the Q Center strives to support and celebrate each unique person by providing a community and increased visibility.

Center for Hope & Safety

Dedicated to supporting victims and survivors of domestic violence, stalking, sexual assault, and human trafficking, the center aims to provide refuge for all survivors. LGBTQ+ related information is also available.

Lavender Womyn

A national organization of social groups for lesbians originating in Salem, Oregon.  Lavender Womyn offers a fun and inclusive space to connect with other lesbian women and their supporters.

LGBTQ+ Inclusive Churches

A list of LGBTQ+ supportive religious institutions giving those of faith the opportunity to pursue their passion for their religion around like minded individuals.